12 September 2014

Work. Life. Balance.


Those who are already working, especially in the corporate world, the term 'Work. Life. Balance.' is indeed very cliché.

I mean, how often do you hear about it? And how often do you tell yourself that it’s actually nonsense and was deliberately coined by some marketing guru to promote a particular profession or company?

It sounds very ideal. That you go to work 8 to 5 everyday (Monday to Friday) and whatever time left is for you to enjoy your life. Work and life, balanced. Pffftt.

In reality, you just feel like picking up your nose whenever you hear that. You know it’s far, far far away from the bitter truth. I mean, who in this world go to work sharp at 8am and can go back happily without being stared by others, on the dot at 5pm? And can do whatever he or she feels like doing without having to think or give a damn about workloads at the office?

Especially in Malaysia whereby the working environment is still very much primitive and conservative, I’d say. Efficiency is measured by how late you can go back and NOT how much works you manage to complete. You are considered as hardworking if you can stay back late doing things you are not supposed to do in the first place; the later the better. And you’ll easily be the favourite of your boss if you are ever willing to be a Yes Man; just do whatever you’ve been asked to – no questions, no frets, no whatever.

Without even realising it, you are pressured to go with the flow. You feel guilty if you go back early (Read: On time). You don’t have much choice but to work extra hard, just because everyone else is doing it. You feel good when you can go back late because that’s somewhat expected from you.

So what is left for you to spend with your friends at mamak? What is there for you to spend with your little ones? Do you really have the time (and energy) to enjoy your life with your loved ones?

And work, life, balance you say? Rolling eyes.

Don't get me wrong. I am not propagating for you not to give your best shot at the office. I'm not saying you shouldn't contribute more and try to give your best commitment. What I'm saying is, work is work, but please, not at the expense of your precious life!

Now, it becomes more intriguing when you put all these into a dai’e’s perspective. Being a dai’e with a career and having a balanced life at the same time? It is undeniably more challenging and nerve-wrecking.

You go home all exhausted and flat, just got a little bit of time to take your shower and grab something to eat before you rush to go to your happy circle. You get back late at night, just wanting to crawl to your bed and sleep. And you do it again and again every single day.

To make things worst, when everyone else have weekends to spend (the very least!), either with their loved ones or just having their own sweet time, a dai’e couldn’t afford that. Most of weekends are either spent to attend daurah or do whatever activities and program related to tarbiyah and daawah.

Now you tell me; with so many things in his plate, how is a dai’e supposed to have a so-called balanced life? When can he go for holidays for instance? Does he have the time to exercise, say jogging or strolling at the park? Can he go shopping during weekends, and have a nice Japanese dinner with his wife and kids?

Can he has a balanced life after all?

Well, you would be surprised if I tell you, a dai’e has the MOST balanced life of all other creatures and species in this whole wide world!

It all boils down to how do you define the word ‘balance.’ It doesn't have to be the conventional definition of balance, you see.  Balance, from a more practical point view, is not about having an equal portion of time and energy for that particular chore or activity of your life. Rather, it's about having the right priority. 

For a dai'e, tarbiyah and daawah are everything to him. He pledges his life and loyalty to the fight of spreading the truth and His loves to humankind. In doing that, he dedicates his whole time, energy and wealth for tarbiyah and daawah. Well, sort of. Ehem.

Having said that, it's kinda expected that a dai'e will always be preoccupied with his tarbiyah and daawah stuff. If having a balanced life means to have and do something that is meaningful and fulfilling, than doing daawah and tarbiyah is certainly a must for those who call themselves dai'e. 

Going back late at night from happy circle feeling all exhausted and flushed out? No problemo!

Having to spend all your weekends conducting daurah and program for your little and cute brothers and sisters (Read: Hadek-hadek)? My pleasure!

Running here and there, not having enough time for yourself because you prioritise on building the rijal of the ummah? Yes please! 

Because tarbiyah and daawah are the elixir of life. They revitalise our life. They give life. 

"Say, 'Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah , Lord of the worlds.'"
[al-An'am, 6:162]

Cry. [Credit]

At the end, it goes back to our purposes of life; 'ubudiah and khilafah. To serve Allah wholesomely and awesomely. And to govern the world with the utmost just and trust.

We work for Allah. We live for Allah.

Then only we talk about having a balanced life.

Have a nice day peeps! Smile.


9 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Anonymous 12/09/2014, 10:18  

A daie, a wife, a young mother, a career woman, a postgrad student, a murabbi, a mutarabbi..

Bukan mencari keseimbangan kerana tahu takkan dapat "seimbangkan" semuanya sebaiknya. But rather mencari "ketenangan" dalam bkejar2 mengerjakan segalanya. Oh my Rabb..

nemo 12/09/2014, 10:47  

Saya selalu rasa penat tapi bila tengok murabbi berkobar-kobar tolak penat dia ke tepi terus rasa semangat balik.

Anonymous 12/09/2014, 11:27  

Aku suka tengok orang guna masa dengan produktif. Balanced meal, Eh. Balanced time. Dengan D&T + Kerja + Belajar.

Aku selalu demam, bila all out D&T. Bekejar ke sana ke mari. Lap air mata. Semoga Allah bagi kesihatan yg baik utk aku.

Pernah aku nak pengsan dalam tren balik dari daurah T_T

Masa aku tak join D&T aku naik gunung 8 jam non-stop berjalan. Joging hari-hari 30 minit. Training Taekwando dari pukul 9malam-12malam. Sepak terajang orang. Sempoi je. Tapi bila aku join D&T aku kena harung ujian kesihatan. Ade sorang hadek tu dia pujuk hati aku, mungkin Allah nak uji keikhlasan aku dalam D&T.. Doakan aku ikhlas dan sihat T_T

P/S: Eh akhi you post during working hour? Sangka baik. Mungkin auto post.


Saya sering melihat mereka yang cukup produktif juga guna masa kerja sambil layan facebook. Jaga-jaga dengan hasil rezeki anda, risau tak berkat :)

Anonymous 12/09/2014, 13:40  

Agree. Ketenangan itu sebagai indicator. Pandai-pandailah manage. Not equal hours spent apatah lagi pandangan ketua atau colleagues.

Anonymous 13/09/2014, 01:03  

Dah lama tk layan bahasa gomen. Ttiba jer, baru balik longdong ker?

Fiza 14/09/2014, 09:07  


Hi. It really a pleasure if u can tell me the step to join usrah, happy circle. I have been longing to join usrah. But there is almost nothing to do after work. never attnd usrah and i Just live in this bandar enstek

Anonymous 14/09/2014, 10:23  

Murabbiah saya doktor skrng ni.. kadang2 oncall smpai hampir 2 hari tak tido. Apa yg mmbuatkan kami tersentuh adalah akak saya tu masih dtg buat usrah lps oncall tu. Sentiasa wassap tanya boleh tak kitorng dtg sbb risaukan kitorng klu xdak usrah setiap minggu.. sgt tersentuh, sgt bersemangat. Betapa rehatnya seseorng tu bukanlah tanda tido lama slepas berpenat lelah, tapi rehat nya seorng daie tu apabila gembira dpt lihat adik2 usrah dpat makanan iman. Wallauhu'alam

pelangi petang 14/09/2014, 19:35  

Saya x pernah pun join mana2 group usrah secara nyata. Hanya melalui group wasep je. Tp dh leave group bila matlamatnya tersasar. Adanya gurau senda laki n ppuan.

Mane nk cari group usrah mata bertemu mata yerr

Anonymous 15/09/2014, 00:40  

Masa kat universiti ni banyak masa nak berbulatan gembira. Geng pon ramai. Tu rasa semangat sikit. Takut bila dah masuk kerja nanti busy memanjang. Gaji beribu tapi tiada masa dengan dakwah dan tarbiah.

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

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