26 September 2008

Cancerous Gadgets

Recent studies have shown that the usage of cellphones, mobile phones or hand phones, or whatever term la you like to refer em, can indeed lead to the prospect of having brain cancer. This latest discovery was made by a group of American scientists, who disputed the previous studies done on the same platform as "...outdated, had methodological concerns and did not include sufficient numbers of long-term cell phone users."

Ronald Herbermann, director of the University of Pittsburgh cancer Institute emphasized the importance of the mass to learn from the past, referring to the failure to identify the link between smoking and lung cancer for 50 years, and to remove lead from paint and gasoline only after 70 years. He urged that before it's too late to do anything, it's better to take preventive measures from now.

Another pressing concern of this latest finding is that, children are more exposed to the possibility of developing brain cancer as the result of frequent usage of mobile phones. This is because, radiation from a cell phone penetrates far deeper into the brain of a five-year-old than that of an adult. Studies on the link between radiation from the cellphones with brain cancer have been further substantiated by Swedish cancer specialist Lennart Hardell and Royal Society in London to name a few.

Among their startling discoveries;

"...frequent cell phone users are twice as likely to develop a benign tumor on the auditory nerves of the ear most used with the handset, compared to the other ear."


"...adolescents who start using cell phones before the age of 20 were five times more likely to develop brain cancer at the age of 29 than those who didn't use a cell phone."

Woah.... What to say...? Shocking huh?? And to think about it, I've been using a handphone since I was in Form 3!! Of course la I'm terribly worried after reading this report...! *sigh*

Looking around these days, you can see kids as little as 3 years old own a handphone. And I'm not talking about using here. OWNING one! The reasoning given by parents is as simple as so that it would be easy for their children to contact them should anything urgent arise. Well, honestly, I can't really see what is so urgent for a 3 years old fella to own a Nokia N95! Even if it's a mere Nokia 1100, is it a pressing need for children nowadays to own one? Fine, probably is is justified for children nowadays to own one. Yela, with the ever increasing abduction case and what not, possibly, just possibly, that you might want to facilitate your beloved ones with mobile phones. Just don't spoil your child. Don't give 'em fancy and expensive stuff. Just the basic one.

In fact, from my personal view, kids with handphones are more exposed to danger, and I'm not referring to brain tumor. Imagine, a crook seeing a helpless little kid with a handphone in his hand, regardless la what brands or models he is using. It would be so much easier for the orang jahat to snatch the phone, wouldn't it? Worst case scenario, your kid gets injured, just because somebody is attracted to the Sony Ericsson you bought for your child and decided to do just anything to get if from your child's hand. In thinking that buying phone for your children will assist them in times of difficulties, it turns out to be a fatal attraction.

And what's with us, adults, to own 3-4 phones?? That's just ridiculous to me. Ok, 2 phones are acceptable. Probably one is your normal phone line and another one is your prepaid, just in case. Or for your business usage or what not. But 4? 5? For what....? To show everyone off that you have the money and are updated with latest gadgets? To tell people that you are such an important figure that even 2 phones ain't enough...? C'mon..

Looking back at the development of the mobile phones industry, it is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing products in the world. I still remember when Nokia first produced its 'phone xde antenna', as I would call it and which I was fond of, always dreaming to own one, that was like 5-6 years ago. And snap!!! (imagine org tgh petik jari... ;p) Not long after that, thousands of new models were produced in days. You can literally find a new model every week! It's really a multi-billions industry. Although Nokia is no more in my wish-list. My all time favourite will always be Sony Ericsson! *grin*

And I still remember clearly how hard I worked to get my SE W800! Hahaha.. And yes, I was delighted, excited and euphoric when I finally got it! ;) I still have it with me, still loyal in offering its service to me.

I guess now I have to reduce making phone calls, or accepting them! Coz I really don't want to contract brain tumor...


Is really pissed of with his W910i.

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