5 May 2008

Too much for something...

i was supposed to go out for dinner tonight, with a friend. but at the last minute, we canceled the plan, due to some unforeseen circumstances (ah!). and it so happened, i went to ASDA this afternoon to buy my groceries, so i didn't really mind not going out for dinner coz i have varieties of food to feast.

so I decided to have western, be that fish n chip. for the first time, i bought the frozen fish fillets and i was so happy with my purchase. i also bought plenty of veggies; broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots. ah, this is so proper, i thought. as it went, i baked two fish fillets along with chips, boiled the veggies and fried some mushrooms with onions. ok, it didn't stop there. i also toasted two slices of wholemeal bread, coz i thought without something grain-ish or wheat-ish (if you know what i am trying to say!), my meal wouldn't be complete. little that i knew, i would much regret that decision later...

so there it was. two fillets (they looked really good!), plenty chips and wholemeal bread in one plate, and all the veggies in another. and being myself, i can't eat 'dried' meal without sauce or ketchup. luckily, i have bottles of sauce to choose from, so i settled on garlic sauce, brown sauce and chili sauce.


at first, everything was fine. in fact, fine was an understatement. it was scrumptiously delicious! *drool* the combination of the chunky fillet with Maggi chili sauce was simply irresistible! chips and garlic sauce?? that was finger-lickin' good! and the veggies really complemented the whole thing. but then, as i reached half-way through, everything went wrong. the brown sauce tasted weird. the fish didn't taste as good. the broccoli and the cauliflower seemed, er, veggish? is that the word to describe it...? oh whatever... and i wasn't so sure whether i could finish everything. at that point i knew i was eating beyond my capacity. i simply ate too much! then all these thoughts came across my mind, you know, i should have baked just one fillet instead of TWO, and could have settled without the bread... my marginal utility rocketed sky high at first, but then, boom! it crashed instantly as i had too much of everything.

regret regret regret..

so yeah, at the moment this post was written, my tummy grumbled, as a sign of protest. ah I hope I won't catch stomach ache! *finger crossed*

"Makanlah ketika lapar, berhentilah sebelum kenyang..."


3 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Anonymous 07/05/2008, 04:27  

dear gabbana,
awat tak habak, i penah berjaya buat fish and chips- can give you good recipe, and plus, i still have loads of malt and vinegar and coleman tartar sauce that is just DIVINE with fish and chipses.ovvhfad

Inche gabbana 07/05/2008, 05:05  

ooohhh... next time next time!!!! *excited*

N I K 13/05/2008, 02:22  

tau pon

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