4 May 2011

Ini Artikel Tentang Osama Laden Dalam Bahasa Omputih


"Rot In Hell!"

"Got Him! Vengeance at last! US nails the basta*d"

"Osama dead"

Those are only a few headlines out of, what, hundreds? invading the front-cover of all major newspapers yesterday. The whole world celebrated and still is celebrating the demise of the most wanted man by the US government. Young, old, rich, poor, men and women; everyone seems to be in unison in celebrating the death of probably the most infamous 'terrorist' in the whole universe.

Why did I put the apostrophes? Well, that's easy. His shot to fame as the world notorious gangster so to speak, originated from the West. The western media was the one who told us every single thing about Osama bin Laden. And we believed them. We took it to our heart whatever the West had got to say about Osama. Osama is an evil terrorist. Yes, that's true, we believe it. Osama is such a threat to world peace and hence, he must be obliterated. Yes, that's true so we support it. 

(high pitch) What..?? Whatever happened to our own rational judgment? Or the so-called freedom of speech and thought? 

Once I watched this show, a talk show where it gathers speakers from all sort of backgrounds and Zakir Naik is one of them. Then Zakir Naik said something like he doesn't believe that 9/11 was done by the so-called Muslim terrorists. And guess what?  He was booed instantly for that statement! Why so? Because it has been ingrained deep down in our gullible mind that Osama and his gangs did it!

In truth, he himself never confessed that he was the one who instructed the 9/11 catastrophe. He did comment about it, saying something like the Americans deserved it for all the sins the committed and something along that line, but he never actually took up the responsibility. Ok, probably the statement is inconsiderate and stupid. But yet again, even that statement, that he thought the attack was justified, came from the Western media. 

If you remember my post about we looking up to the West to the point that we 'worship' them, our views and life-style have been greatly influenced by them. Whether we like it or not and whether we want to admit it, that's a totally different argument. In fact, some of us are more western than the Westerners themselves! What a shame.

Yes, if you ask me, I do believe in the conspiracy theory that the 9/11 attack was not being instigated by the so called Muslim terrorists. For the evidences I have heard and listened to, the incident is somewhat full with suspicious circumstances. For example,they are my witnesses who recalled how they could hear an explosion from the basement of the World Trade Center, which took place concurrently with the collision of the plane. Coincident? I don't think so.

And how do you explain both of the towers of the Trade Center crumbled down  rather easily when the planes only hit the upper/middle part of the building? Sounds like a scene in a cheap scifi movie right..? Well, apparently, that is what had occurred on the morning of September eleventh, 2001. 

There there, I'm not defending Osama or trying to make him looked good or anything. If he was in fact the supreme leader of al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda has been proven to be the front-runner of terrorism, then I'm in no way supportive of that man. He and his comrades have certainly misrepresented Islam and because of his and al-Qaeda's vicious and inhumane act of terrorism, Islam has been viewed negatively ever since.

But then again, Islam will always be viewed as such, until the end of the time, even without people like Osama or al-Qaeda. Allah reminds us on this in the Quran:

Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) till you follow their religion.  
[al-Baqarah, 2:120]

Whatever we do or whoever we are, we will never be able to please them. For the simplest reason that we are Muslims. Just that. That's has been written in the law of nature and nothing could ever changed that. 

Seeing a fellow Muslim being assassinated and the whole world is celebrating it, somehow or rather it hurts me. It irks me to see the Americans are ecstatic, almost euphoric about it. Ok, in some ways, it's understandable. But have they suffered from selective amnesia *koff koff* that they have forgotten the fact that their very own beloved country is responsible for countless of deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries (think of Guatemala and Vietnam).. ?? What an utter hypocrisy. 

No, I'm no fan of Osama. But he has been a symbol of struggle against the cruelty and unjustness of super powers like America. One man against the big guns. And it took TEN freaking years for the Americans to hunt him down. You like it or not, he is definitely a hero to many eyes and souls. His sudden departure will definitely be missed by many.

What is the world after Osama? Will it be a better place? Will it be safer and more peaceful? I don't think so. In fact, I think it will become even worse. Perhaps more wars, more terrorist attacks.. The Americans may have gotten their vendetta, but now many are willing to take-up arms to avenge Osama's death. Ladies and gentlemen, take your seat and enjoy the show.

And oh, before I forget, what has our beloved Prime Minister got to say about this?

"Osama's death will ensure a more peaceful and safe world."

Yeah, that's right Dato' Seri. Thanks for that. You really made us all proud of being Malaysian.


Osama, whoever you were and whatever you did, as a Muslim, I pray that you'd rest in peace. Amin.

And by the way, Obama's rating has jumped up by nine percentage point after his announcement of Osama's death. Surprise surprise. 

3 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

zulaikha 04/05/2011, 18:09  

salam ziarah, inche gabbana~

people are getting blind by more and more propaganda. hope He always gives us a pure heart to see the truth and a courage to always seek the truth, amin.

it's always been hurt to know another Muslim is dead and his death is being cheered by those who are oblivious about who's the one being the 'real' terrorist all this time.

insyaALLAH, moga dijauhi dari fitnah Dajjal pada akhir zaman.


ps: wow! a 100% english post from inche gabbana!!

Zulkifli 05/05/2011, 19:10  

Well said, Encik Gabbana.

I may not agree with everything that he did.
He may have done more bad than good for Islam.
His methods are questionable and as we know, in Islam, matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara.
However, I think that is between him and Allah and for me, I still do not like it when people who do not say the syahadah rejoice over the death of one who does.

ridzman 16/11/2011, 12:53  

yet againts wat had he done all reported by west media..does not know the truth behind...he may do or not n i believe if al qaeda done sumting it is based on strong reason..based on my interview with the real pakistan people not judgement through tv or media now adays full with fitnah n propaganda...my friend..let us investigate the truth rather just believe wat had been reported...may allah help us to know the truth..insyallah

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