29 September 2008

Baby Blues

Insha-Allah, starting from today, I'll be posting these series of comic strips, which is my favourite of all...! *grin* Thanx to Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, I am able to share my everyday portion of a-must-take medicine with all of you...!

Baby Blues is all about the outwardly simple looking MacPherson family, but somewhat dysfunctional in the inside (are we all not just like that....?;p). The head of the family, Darryl is happily and passionately married to Wanda Wizowski, with 3 cute and adorable, yet can be monstrous sometimes, and amazingly annoying the other times; Zoe being the eldest daughter, Hammie the all innocent looking boy and Wren, the newest member of the family. They lead a simple daily life, which is why reading this strip makes you feel so connected to it. Simple and crazy.

Most importantly, they are not merely comic strips. They do have message(s), and it all depends on how you interpret it. Like this one, it illustrates how Wanda (a mother) loves her child, that being Zoe, so much that even the supposed moment of celebration when her child's first day in school can turn out to be a tragic occasion (it reminds me of my mum, who still hasn't got used to the idea that I have to be constantly away from the family...).

Well, I don't want to further insult your intelligence by keep blabbering about the hidden message(s) and talking nonsense! hehehe.. So sit down, enjoy the strips and laugh your heart out loud...! ;)

'Baby Blues' is a copyright of Baby Blues Partnership (Copyright 2003-2006) and distributed by King Features Syndicate. It appears daily in New Straits Times Malaysia.


1 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Kenangan Lalu 12/10/2008, 01:04  

OMG, I want my Wren! One word - Cuteness overload!!!

....Wait, that's two.

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