29 March 2012

Of Priorities and Being Handsome At The Same Time

It has been awhile since the last time I rambled in English. Wait a minute. Awhile? That was like ages ago!

You see, I have always wanted to write in English. Better still, I want to be able to regularly write reminders and tazkiyatun nafs in English so that I can reach larger audience out there. Larger as in English-speaking Muslims. Well, so I thought.  

But like I have been saying so many times now, it ain't always that easy. At the moment, I choose to write more in Malay as I believe, most of you my loyal readers, are more comfortable to read my writings in Malay. Plus, somehow I'm better at delivering in Malay. Please raise up your hands if you do agree with me. Ahah!

Well, that goes back to the basic concept of dakwah; priorities. 

Dakwah is not about preaching in ways that we choose to. It's not about doing whatever we like to whomever we prefer. 

Dakwah, more than anything else, is an act that needs strategy. We, as dua't, need to constantly plan our next moves. We need to continuously sit down and discuss with our team on how to address certain concerns and problems so that we will able to come out with the best solutions. And by right we should make it a point to always plan for our happy circle and joyous conference (*koff koff*) as those two are probably the most important tools (wasilah) in our tarbiyah. But sadly, more often than not, most of us tend to procrastinate. We do plan, but at the very last minute. 

It never fails to annoy me, how we can always be serious and all-out when it comes to planning for, say, our exams, our family trip or our job. When we plan for our holidays, we do our homeworks in looking for the best alternatives in term of accommodation and transportation. When it comes to exams, we brilliantly divide our time; we outline our daily schedule so that our 24/7 is evenly distributed. When it comes to our job, we make sure we deliver the best.

But when it comes to dakwah..? Sigh. We seem to be the most unorganised people in the whole lot of universe. Whatever happens to our expertise in planning? Where has our specialty in dividing our daily timetable gone? And how come we, who used to be so flexible and dynamic in our daily life, suddenly are transformed into this ugly monster who is so rigid and strict..?

It tells us that dakwah has never been our utmost priority. Tears rolling down. Because if it has, we would strive all the way in making sure dakwah and tarbiyah are properly and efficiently executed. Our daily life would enfold around dakwah. We eat because of dakwah. We bathe because of dakwah. We pick our nose because.. Err. We Facebook, we Tweet, we blog none other because of dakwah. Eat dakwah, play dakwah and sleep dakwah! 

And going back to the concept of priority in dakwah; even when we have committed ourselves to dakwah, doesn't mean that we can do it as we like. Even in dakwah, there are some rules of thumbs that we need to adhere, in order for dakwah to yield the most efficient outcome.

You don't believe me, so I see. No worries. Let me turn you into the most staunch believer. Wink. You ready?

Let us follow the footsteps of ar-Rasul SAW, so that we can understand more how he SAW planned and prioritised when it comes to dakwah.  

Why do you think Abu Bakr r.a. is the first companion that Rasullullah SAW approached to share the words of Allah? When there were so many other companions; Abdul Rahman bin 'Auf, Saad bin Abi Waqas, Uthman al-Affan, you name it. But why Abu Bakr?

Why does it take three years for ar-Rasul SAW and his companions to preach with an utmost secrecy before they go public about it? And then thirteen years in Mekah before they made the great migration to Madinah?

Why does ar-Rasul SAW send a group of companions to migrate to Habsyah but not all? Why does he ask the rest to stay in Mekah?

Why does it take years after hijrah, before the Muslims first preached the words of Allah outside of the Arabian peninsular? Why not earlier?

Why does ar-Rasul SAW never asked the companions to go to Rome to learn about modern warfare of to Persia to acquire the knowledge of architecture?

Why? Why why and why..?

It's strategy. It's priority. It's efficiency.

I highly recommend you to read 'Fiqh as-Seerah' by Ramadhan al-Bouti and another book which somehow I just couldn't remember the name of it while typing this (gasp!) to fully understand why ar-Rasul SAW did this and that, why certain events occured here and there, things like that. It will definitely open-up your mind and prove that strategy and priority do matter in dakwah and tarbiyah.

Which goes back why I prefer to write in Malay. It's also a strategy (and priority, I think) as I'll be able to convey my message clearer. The main objective of this blog it to spread the message of dakwah and tarbiyah to as many people as possible. It's not about showing off my writing skills (is there anything to show-off in the first place, Inche gabbana..? Smack on the face!). It's not about telling you how good I am or how funny I can be. That's wrong, totally wrong. It's about sharing whatever little knowledge and experience I have.

And what's the point of writing something if no one is reading it right..? That's like steaming chicken curry pau and no one is eating it! Eh. If more people are reading my writings when I write it in Malay and by that, it also means my message can be better understood, then why bother writing in English. No? Maybe, just maybe, when I have the skills to write like Mitch Albom or Malcolm Gladwell (perasan!) or even this cool blog, then only I might consider to write dakwah and tarbiyah stuff fully in English. Maybe. Please emphasize that.

Dah tu, kenapa tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris, Inche gabbana? Hadoilamak. You may ask and whine at the same time.

Nothing. Just feel like being extra handsome today! Wahahaha...

Hope you guys enjoy this piece of writing! (Statistics have shown that whenever I write in English, less people are reading and commenting on it. But hey, there are lies, damn lies and statistics! Ahah!)


25 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Anonymous 29/03/2012, 10:27  

sedikit lemah menghayati penulisan incik gabanna dlm english. but, gudjob!! kipidap! and me too,, will try hardly to improvr my english reading skills by time... congrats mistergabanna (senyum simpul)

InkFlow 29/03/2012, 10:52  


Mungkin kalau en. gabbana nak lebih banyak pembaca, en. boleh buat dua website. English and malay.

hehe. sekadar cadangan.
btw, saya suka both english and malay posts.
good work. Moga Allah S.W.T. memberkerkati.

zelyonixalat 29/03/2012, 10:54  

salam. i kinda like your english writings better. i can relate to it more, plus u show a more serious side. :)

Izzati Haata 29/03/2012, 10:58  


either languages would be fine as long as the contents are there, but in a greater context, though English ni ramai mungkin tak baca, slowly lah kan, suatu anjakan tu tidak berlaku overnight :)


chesakinah 29/03/2012, 10:58  

yes, you are totally right. It doesn't matter what language you writing or how well your grammar is, so long as the words conveyed.

I always believe that any writing which is written with Ikhlas (sincerity) always wins people's heart. Because Allah s.w.t please with it. And when HE please, HE'll open others heart to understand the message.

Well, brother, Barakallahu fih. (may ALLAH bless You for this matter :)

Bukan Enonimus 29/03/2012, 11:03  

Salam wbt,

*koff koff*

[dah lama tk comment di sini. hehe]

[Eh, inche Gabbana ingat lagi ke nickname ni?]

[as this post was written in English, so I have to comment in English, is it?]

There's nothing wrong to write in English.
But in my case, I found a lot of people still cannot understand English very well (especialy in my hometown - do I have to state here where my hometown is? :P )

You have a point you can reach larger audience when write in Engish, especially those didn't use Malay as their mother tongue. :)

Somehow, it's kinda more serious when u wrote in English. hihihi ;)

All the best Inche Gabbana.


cloudies 29/03/2012, 11:05  

i do heart your writing.. malay or english..just dont usually drop my comment.. good job! ^_^

SN 29/03/2012, 11:15  


it is been ages i did not drop any comments hehe...

btw, i like both english and malay post, i think the content matter the most.
but, i think most of your audience (pembace tegar blog ni) are malay. so it is easier to deliver message ni malay.

p/s: i stil read your bolg regularly even though i did't put any comment

SN 29/03/2012, 11:17  

owh...please ignore my spelling errors :(

ViSiTmE@FaTiN CoRnEr 29/03/2012, 12:38  

its good dakwah in english..

Sharifah Balqis 29/03/2012, 13:14  



inche gabbana.. dakwah tu tak kira dalam bm or bm pun tetap boleh..
peminat setia anda tetap mengikut perkembangan blog anda.. die-hard-fan ;p

teruskan bertinta ! thumb up :)

Sharifah Balqis 29/03/2012, 13:14  

*typo bm or bi

arissa myana 29/03/2012, 13:58  

bismillah n salam,

nice thoughts, nice talk anyway. i mean, writing? :D

i expect to bump into something like important tips or 5 miracle ways to do our priorities at the best way we can and to maintain handsome at the same time (in terms of doing da'wah, hee :D)

but i guess that's it.

the tips: strategy and planning. they're the key of efficiency of everything we do.

jzkk for such an awaken sharing.

may Allah bless, and grant you jannah. amiiin

orgkuantang 29/03/2012, 15:35  

IG, adakah buku seerah yang dimaksudkan lagi satu tu Raheeq maktum?

maka nikmat yg manakah kamu dustakan? sobss. 29/03/2012, 18:13  

salam wbt IG,

maap sy komen bm jelah xpandai plak bhs omputih ni :S

sy nak bertanya satu soalan & cdgn incik kalau ada. soalan; perlu ke 'sebarkan penulisan' berciri2 spt berikut:
-berusia satuduatahun jagung
-post hasil cungkilan kepala otak & hati sendiri yg kdg2 merepek meraban sendiri je phm. tpi boleh tahan tarbawi jgk lah kot. kottt. huks.
-tak tentu pun kekonsistenan penulisannya.

klu anda jwb 'perlu', sila proceed ke soalan seterusnya. (kwangkwangkwang)
cmne cara nak 'sebarkan penulisan' yg penulisnya gemar mengenakan topeng suria perkasa baja hitam seperti incik? ehem. kalau link ikut profile sendiri mcm mukabuku or pengicau pastilah kantoi identiti dibuatnya lantas paling dikhuatiri akan terdedah dgn simptom hidung tinggi dan hati berkuman membengkak pula. tsskkkkk. T___T
sekian saje yg arif. mohon dibalas. tp klu xbalas pun xkcik hati. Zzz.
jzkk in advance.

-yg baik hati bertanye bg pihak kwnnye-

famia 29/03/2012, 20:23  

"And what's the point of writing something if no one is reading it right..? That's like steaming chicken curry pau and no one is eating it!"

assalamualaikum wbt.

Bro, there's absolutely a lot of point actually. It's all about a strategy don't you think? Try to be rare.

And honestly... adakah anda menulis hanya untuk mendapat sambutan? Dan adakah anda menulis sesuatu yang hanya ada sambutan?

Tepuk nawaitu ^_^
Tepuk... tepuk pengakap.

Kalau anda ikhlas menulis (tidak kiralah bahasa English ke Arab ke Melayu ke)... insyaAllah ada je yang membacanya walaupun seorang.

Itu sudah sangat2 mencukupi.

Kan? \/(^_^\/

p/s: I prefer in English... as you sound more matured and serious in conveying something.

(Ini sebenarnya subjektif... gaya bahasa akan mempengaruhi target umur pembaca. Jadi buatlah pilihan dengan bijak dan jangan lupa membayar cukai)

Anonymous 30/03/2012, 01:50  

salam wrt, inche gabbana..

believe it or not, i haven't read your blog in a long time (am i being too honest?) but what made me read your blog today was because you wrote it in english!

anyway, it's fun reading all your famous quotes in english (tears rolling down, smack on the face, etc) but of course the content is what matters the most.

sort of like a breath of fresh air on a spring's day.

anyways, continue writing.. may Allah grant you endless musings for your writings and may you always be amongst the Mukhlisins, biiznillah.

pistol in pant 30/03/2012, 02:50  

well..juz remember dat this life is a game

along the way we win-lost-in between

so juz make sure before its game over here we gain enough score to get better survival in next life

let be a damn top star player and win big for eternity.

sweet IG.

Anonymous 30/03/2012, 03:47  

"(Statistics have shown that whenever I write in English, less people are reading and commenting on it...)"

i've always wondered why my posts never get a lot of likes. i also wonder why people tend to not read posts in english.. and one thing i also observe is that statuses or posts yang "berbau" islamic always dapat sambutan sedikit hambar compared to posts yang mengarut.. or maybe it's just me.

anyways, nice post. message received:)

salam from across the pacific ocean

Inche gabbana 30/03/2012, 08:57  

famia: thanks for the reminder, I really appreciate it. But I beg to differ maam.

Let me explain.

I think you have taken the phrases out of context. Correct me if I'm wrong. As I said, the purpose of this blog is to share whatever little knowledge and experience I have in this jalan dakwah.

Having said that, I want as many reader as possible to benefit from my writings. Meaning to say, what's the point of writing when there's none to read it? How am I supposed to spread the knowledge?

It's not about I want people to read because I want them to read per se. It's about sharing. More people are reading my blog means more saham sorga I'll be getting.

And it seems, by writing in Malay, it's easier to achieve that as more people are reading my writings and it's easier for them to understand.


Hope that clarifies. Allahu a'lam.

Inche gabbana 30/03/2012, 08:59  

the last enonimus: well, somehow this post has defied that saying. Hahaha..

I'm pleasantly surprised that many people have actually responded to this post. That's really encouraging. ;)

thanx for dropping by!

everjihad 30/03/2012, 09:08  

Salam. Hey dude i love ur writing.

I can sense ur dilemma. But truly, u neva know who may inspire! Come on .. Many of yr clients will benefit much from it. Just do it bro and just follow what ur heart feel. Truly maybe thats the sign from Allah who wanna make our dakwah n fikrah for gerak kerja are not only to "malay".

It's the time to rock the world. English is universal language. Ur voice will be heard

everjihad 30/03/2012, 15:53  

sorry terguna slang. ahaks. nampak agak kurang manis di situ. tapi takpela. dah terlepas. words are affected by environment and atmosphere.

famia 31/03/2012, 00:40  


Tetapi... jika anda tidak biasakan sahabat-sahabat pembaca yang faham Bahasa Melayu ini dengan Bahasa Inggeris... bila lagi agaknya mereka dapat tajamkan yang tumpul ya tak?

Tidaklah saya paksa anda menulis di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Dan tidaklah saya mengagung-agungkan bahasa penjajah.

Cumanya, sekali-sekala kalau nak selingkan dengan bahasa Inggeris... apa ada hal kan :)

Practice makes perfect.
Bahasa Inggeris anda sedap apa.

May Allah bless you always bro.

Anonymous 01/04/2012, 19:47  

no they are not damn lies. i like this. :)tq
may Allah bless you always.

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