5 February 2010

Procrastinators Unite! ...Tomorrow...!

If you are telling me you have never once procrastinated in your whole life, I'll tell you probably are in the wrong planet.

Who on earth has never procrastinat
ed..? It's a disease, more contagious and even more dangerous than HIV or any diseases that come across your mind right now. Yes, I know it's awful, but not even diarrhoea. Procrastination IS indeed a disease and can someone please come out with the antidote..?

Have you ever experienced a very stressful moment when you had to do your assignment at the very last minute, just because you thought you still had a great deal of time to enjoy beforehand..?

How about important calls that you had to make, but you waited at the very last moment to do it just because you thought you didn't know what t
o say..?

Or homeworks which are conveniently placed in front of you, yet your hands and minds are busy concentrating on writing new status in the Facebook or even writing a new post in your blog...?

Tell me about it.

What peril can procrastination bring to me, you may ask. Uh oh, you must be either the most ignorant person ever lived or you are simply innocent. In truth, procrastination is one of the worst habits or attitudes one can ever possessed. Unfinished assignments. Delayed revisions. Unsaved money
. Those are only a few undesired outcomes due to procrastination. But more often than not, procrastination can bring about greater danger to one's life.

Think about the last tim
e you had this funny sensation on your chest. You might think, well, I'm still young and there's nothing to worry about it. Plus the fact that a few days after that, the pain somehow aptly subdued. The next time you have the exact same feeling, you might not be able to do anything about it. You are already dead.

Or how about that loose break pedal of your car? Don't you want to change it..? Nah, it's ok. Thank you very much, but it's pro
bably nothing. Besides, I'm not going to make any long distance travel anytime in the future. Yes, that sounds very comforting, but please don't make headlines in the major newspaper for killing someone's daughter due to your not-very-long-distance driving.

Procrastination is a very normal phenomenon indeed. It happens in front of your eyes even without you realising it. Ah, I want to save money this time, sw
ear to God! And the next thing you know, you are clicking Buy It Now! button at eBay. Oh please, I need to diet! My tummy has bloated! And there you go, munching Custard Cream and McCoy's Oven-Baked Chips like never before. Or how about, dammit, I must start jogging tomorrow! I weigh like a cow! And yes, more than you have expected, your running shoes stay idly in the cupboard collecting dusts like they have always done.

Hoorah! Now you know you are no different from so many other people out there..! Thank you dear, now I don't feel very much like an aloof anymore.

How do we sol
ve procrastination? Can it be cured? Of course it can. Every problem has its solution. Every disease has its treatment. My solution? *chuckle* Am I not the one who writes this post and whines about how terrible procrastination is? Yes, I am a victim as well. But I don't want to stay just like that. I want a remedy, a high dose one. I need a solution, fast. Procrastination is the public enemy number one. Just imagine how much losses we have incurred just because we procrastinated? Well, I don't know about you, but I surely know what a fool I am for all the procrastinations I have committed.

"By time, Indeed mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience."
al-'Asr, :103:1-3

So my fellow procrastinators...

If you happen to have a solution, an effective one, do it now. And share it with others. Do not procrastinate.


8 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Nisyana Abdul 05/02/2010, 06:33  

Adam, bestnya artikel2 lately ni :)
Alhamdulillah. Semoga Allah membalas. Tulah, bila banyak keje lagi banyak procrastinate, sebab tatau nak buat yang mana satu. Kalau buat yang ni, yang tu pulak tak siap, kalau buat yang tu, yang ni pulak tak siap. Last2 main internet atau tido.

Inche gabbana 05/02/2010, 09:26  

alhamdulillah, all praises be upon allah. ;)

btol btol. post kali ni lebih ntok muhasabah diri sbnrnya... huhu..

jom kita sama perbaiki diri! ^^

fastabiqul khairat..!

AdaptingChange 12/02/2010, 00:13  


Fastabiqul Khairat katanya~~

la.leche 15/02/2010, 04:01  

Enjoyed reading this post :)

Inche gabbana 15/02/2010, 09:17  

resah and la.leche: thanx. ;) selalu2lah dtg melawat.. ^^

Inche gabbana 15/02/2010, 09:17  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous 08/10/2011, 20:49  

video on procrastination:

jom mujahadah membanteras procrastination. :)

Anonymous 08/10/2011, 21:06  

one more video on ways to beat procrastination:

1)small achievable goal
2)answer the questions:
-where are you?
-what do u want to do?
-how do you feel after doing it?
3)Ultimate goal vs immediate desire

wah, mcm nasihat kat diri sendiri.

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

-At Taubah, 9:111

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