16 February 2011

Fuuuuhhh... *The unmistakable sound of the wind*

I went up to a colleague for a help. I needed him to verify a few stuff. The matter was somewhat urgent.

While waiting for him to come out with the figures that I needed, I told him that my day was really hectic.

This is what I said..

"Bro, aku busy gile hari ni sampai nak terberak-berak.."

Clearly I meant that as a joke, a lame one you might argue.

Then suddenly there was this awkward moment. *kriik krrriiiikkk bunyi cengkerik* My colleague shot this weird look at another colleague and he flashed this cheeky but somewhat disgusted smile.

"Eh kau pergilah fulfill your nature's call dulu.."

Big, fat drops of sweats.

Clearly he had gotten me wrong. Damn wrong. It was really embarrassing. Sumpah. 

"Oh no. I said aku busy sampai nak terberak-berak.."

Then he laughed. So did the other colleague. Although I suspected they were kinda ashamed as well. 

It was meant to be humorous and now it would haunt me to death. Tengs la. 


On another note, before that incident happened, my boss came directly to me and out of sudden, she (Yes, my boss is a lady-boss) said,

Boss: You can't use detrimental [chuckle]. This.. Means it's bad to CF [chuckle again].

She showed me where I did it wrong on this application form I was filling in.

Me: Ooohh.. Sorry, wrong use of word.. [embarrassed]
Boss: Yeah.. [chuckle, again]

So I quickly checked the synonyms of word 'detrimental' using the synonym function in Microsoft Powerpoint (it so happened I was using it at that time). The results..?

Eerrrggghhh that was really embarrassing! I meant to use 'detrimental' as 'important' or something along that line because that was what I thought it means! And my boss just had to pawn me. Sweet. 

Moral of the 1st Story: Never, ever use obscene or weird phrase to appear cool or funny. You'll be ashamed to death.

Moral of the 2nd Story: Don't haste. And jangan yakin sangat boleh tak..? It's good tho. At least I got to learn something new today! Wahahaha.. ^__^"


Oh I was really super-duper busy today. And still am. I guess I work best under massive pressure, the fact that I still got time to blog... *koff koff*

6 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Kenangan Lalu 16/02/2011, 21:52  

Oh, life goes on. Turn around and say 'so wut???' and keep smiling~

Clarky Afif 17/02/2011, 00:34  

been there!
i used the word 'fertilizer' instead of 'refrigerator'.

imagine storing big chunk of lamb leg in fertilizer LOL!!!

oke nak korek tanah tanam kepala.

arissa myana 17/02/2011, 09:43  

lesson learnt :)

Inche gabbana 17/02/2011, 10:06  

nyamouq: i'm not that dramatic. need some confidence to do that.. hehe..

Inche gabbana 17/02/2011, 10:06  

clarky afif: homaigawd that's even more embarrassing!

"mak, tolong amikkan air sirap dalam fertilizer tu..!"

wakakaka.. xp

Inche gabbana 17/02/2011, 10:07  

arissa myana: alhamdulillah.. ^^

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