26 April 2008

Lets jog!

Apparently, jogging is the ONLY sport that i am capable of doing so at the moment. Not that I am a sportsman at all... ;p Back in Malaysia, I was an avid swimmer (note 'was'), which is my favourite healthy leisure activity. And it has been proven that swimming is the best sport of all! Here in London, I couldn't help myself but to feel sad that I cannot swim, properly and often-ly. Hey, I can't afford to pay the monthly fee for some freakin' health club, can I?? And you couldn't certainly expect me to jump into the Thames and swim across it...? That's a definite no no.

So I bought my jogging shoes a couple of months ago. It's a Reebok Ventilator, limited edition, all the way from the States. Hehe.. But I am certainly happy and satisfied with my purchase! Well, if you really are serious about becoming healthy, some proper investments here and there shouldn't be a problem ayte...? =) And I did buy a new pair of track bottom, because I only had one at that time.
My route is a typical one. I usually jog from Tate Modern heading for Embankment bridge and then I turn back. Or sometimes I jog using the St. Paul's route, I'd call it. Then I head for LSE and go back to my place using the Temple road along Thames river. But lately, I manage to improve my route. Instead of stopping at the Embankment bridge, I'll stop at the Westminster bridge, before continuing again along the Thames. Ah, I just love jogging along the river...! Besides the straight path it provides, the view also helps me a lot, otherwise I'll feel bored and that certainly affects my stamina!

I have a jogging partner, but apparently, so far we only jogged together twice! (hahaha, don't be angry mate! ;p). But it did make a difference. Jogging alone and with somebody I mean. Somehow, you'll feel your stamina becomes stronger if you have someone to jog with. Probably you'll focus more on talking and gossiping instead of the road ahead! Yeah, that's why! ;)

I am a health conscious person, I admit that. And at the moment, I am having a crisis with my tummy! Aaaarrrggghhhh! I have tried everything, from push-ups to sit-ups, jumping to gym-balling! But so far, the effects are minimal. *sigh* That's why I am kinda serious with my jogging routine. I'll jog 30-40 minutes every session and 2-3 times a week. Ah, how I wish can jog every single day!

But hey, I have one good news for myself! I certainly feel healthier now, compared to when I first arrived here. =) And my stamina has also improved. Well, I hope I can stay healthy, even when I am back in Malaysia! (Geez, with all the nasi lemak and roti canai and teh tarik and what not, I might find it VERY difficult to do...)


3 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

pemburu syurga 27/04/2008, 18:46  

kim salam maut kt partner of ur jogging partner=)

Inche gabbana 27/04/2008, 21:40  

hehehe.. r u sure...??? ;p

ai 13/11/2010, 03:55  

haha jogging and running is the best.

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