6 February 2014

The T-Men

Once upon a time, there was a man with an extraordinary ability to read other people's mind. His name was Muhammad Charles Tavier. Let's call him Professor T.

It all happened when one day, Professor T was on his way to his weekly circle (Read: Usrah) and suddenly, out of nowhere, a meteorite crashed not far from him. The impact was so strong that Professor T was thrown away and immediately passed out.

Miraculously, Professor T was not badly injured. Besides not been able to stand properly since, he was considered okay. Instead, he found himself with a balded head and the ability to read people's mind. The bald head might play some role there; for a better and smooth connection. 

Of course he was very excited initially and used his new-found ability to read what his murabbi thought of him. And if there were any akhawat that might have crush on him. Ehem. 

More importantly though, many years later, he found out that the impact of the meteorite was far reaching and had also affected others. The radiation produced by the chemical substance of the meteorite had somewhat altered the gene of anyone who was exposed to the radiation. These people's genes were infected with the Tarbiyah gene, or T-gene which was the by-product of the radiation.

Professor T was so curious to find out if these people had the same ability as his, or perhaps they had a different set of power. Blessed by his gifted ability, it was quite easy for him to identify those people whose genes were affected by the radiation. Moreover, people with the T-gene seemed to be characterized by the same personality; they were really all-out doing tarbiyah and dakwah, as if they were possessed by some kind of jinn or something.

He also found out that these people were ostracized by their own community, due to the eccentricity shown by their ability/power and their steadfastness in spreading daawah. Not knowing that they possessed such a gifted ability, usually these so-called mutants were depressed and felt as if they were cursed.

Professor T understood them well. Given the chance, he would have pat these people's back and said, "I feel you bro." Instead, he would recite a hadith of Rasulallah SAW, as narrated by Muslim:

"Islam initiated as something strange, and it will revert to its (old position) of being strange. So, glad tidings to the stranger!"

Professor T determined to help these people by trying to gather them together as a team, so that instead been seen as a nuisance to others, they might be able to utilise their abilities to spread daawah and to ensure Syahadatul Haq was properly put in place. Hence, Professor T had embarked a journey around the country to look out for these mutants and offered them a solution to their misery. 

Professor T managed to convince some of the mutants. Next, he had formed a team, which he conveniently called the 'T-Men', or his men, really. He started off with briefing them with ISK, or It's Seriously Kool, to instilled them with their true purpose of life, why they needed to form the team, to learn from the past, to feel great and proud of Islam and of course, what they need to do to bring back the glory of the ummah. 

Thanks to the constant tarbiyah and sheer determination of Professor T, he managed to train these mutants and transformed them into becoming probably the best group of rijal in the region. The focus that Professor T had given in nurturing the mutants with Islamic values and making sure they were all well equipped with proper daawah weapons, had yielded favourable fruits. Most of them were now fine young men, who were always on their toes whenever the call for jihad was made. 

Some of them include:

Lionerine was probably the most prominent and formidable T-Man of all. He was a fierce warrior and would do just about anything to spread the words of Allah. Because of these qualities, he was a natural leader to the group.

His superpower was steel fangs that would be flaunted automatically when Lionerine sensed incoming danger. The fangs were so sharp and solid that Lionerine sometimes used it to slice chicken, potato and carrot, especially when he was in-charged of preparing meal for daurah. 

Despite his aggressiveness and fierceness in the battlefield, he was a devout servant when the night fell. He would spend almost one third of his night everyday to make himself closer to Allah. True to his name; he was indeed a lion by day, a monk by night.   

Saikelops was one of the earlier members of T-Men. Professor T caught him red-handed, peeping girls while they were bathing. Saikelops was blessed with X-Ray eyes and the same eyes could spray poisonous liquid whenever he felt like doing so.

When he was introduced to tarbiyah, he completely changed himself. He then utilised his eyes to scan any potential mad'us to be recruited into T-Men. His eyes also couldn't stop producing tears, especially when Quranic verses were recited to him. 

Thunder was the earliest akhawat to be recruited into T-Men. When Professor T first found her, she was upset with a group of men who tried sweet-talking her sister, Typhoon. 

Out of a sudden, the sky turned black. There were thunders and storms, exchanging every other second. One of the perpetrators was unexpectedly struck by lightning, turning into black ashes in no time.

From there Professor T instantly knew that he had to recruit Thunder, by hook or by crook. Thunder proved to be a very valuable asset to T-Men, especially when they encountered taghut and jahiliyyah out there.

You just don't want to make her angry. 

Ice-creamman was probably unrivaled when it came to daawah fardhiyyah (Read: Individual daawah). He would magically produce ice cream out of the thin air and you just name any ice creams you feel like having; Paddlepop, Cornetto, ice cream potong, fried ice cream. He could do it. 

Because of that, Ice-creamman would always be at the front when T-Men was doing daawah tour or free daawah talk. Kids loved him!

Night Owl
As the name suggests, Night Owl did not sleep at night. He had the ability of an owl, in terms of agility and sharpness. Because of that, Night Owl was naturally tasked by Professor T to stand guarded at night (Read: Hirasah) to ensure the safety of T-Men's base. 

Night Owl was also responsible to ensure that each and every member of T-Men woke up every night to perform qiamulail. He had never fail his teammates. 

There were more members of T-Men and every one of them possessed special and unique power that if harnessed properly, would definitely benefit the ummah as a whole. Professor T did realise this and he tried his best, with the assistance of the senior members of T-Men, to ensure the continuity of tarbiyah for T-Men. 

They did occasionally encountered villains of course. And the most evil of all had got to be Magnetic, who was a mutant himself. Magnetic had the aura and ability to lure people to commit sins and made them distance themselves from doing good. 

Magnetic had a team of his own, and his team worked really hard to destroy T-Men. They would use any resources that one could think of, to make sure that jahiliyyah triumphed. Because of this, it posed great challenge to T-Men in executing their daawah.

But they never gave up. And because they practised amal jamai'e in their heroic duties, they would always have an advantage over Magnetic and his evil team.

The clash between T-Men and Magnetic was inevitable. It was a struggle between good and evil and would persist till the end. They were times when Magnetic and his soldiers had the upper hand. And some other times, it would be T-Men that turned out victorious. 

But as typical as any folklore would be, the good would eventually triumph against the evil. And yes, the T-Men would live happily ever after.

Oh I heard Professor T is doing new recruitment now. Do you think you are eligible? You might want to give it a try. For all you know, you might have the T-Gene all this while.

Jeng jeng jeng. 

The end.

To be continued? Maybe. Maybe not. Eheh.


A vain attempt to write a rather humorous short story in English. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed writing it!

25 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Norlyana Nasrin 06/02/2014, 08:35  

I want that ice-creamman haha..

Anonymous 06/02/2014, 08:56  

Tak boleh layan sangat. Macam tak umphh!

Sobiha Salim 06/02/2014, 08:57  

Subhanallah... such an entertaining story.. I like it..!
Me love Thunder!~ :D
P/s: Sy pun dah terikut speaking. Hehe

Anonymous 06/02/2014, 09:01  

Mengarut la..huhu

Unknown 06/02/2014, 10:14  

Love it nice story thumbs up apg

The maniac-goofy-clumsy playmaker 06/02/2014, 10:50  

a twist, ey...?
nice work...

manusiaOren 06/02/2014, 13:19  

i wanna be an icecreammannnnnnnn, produce icecream n eat all alone. wahahaha. nice IG!!

nam 06/02/2014, 14:20  

its nice.but its just too long inche gabbana hahahah tak larat nak bace

Anonymous 06/02/2014, 14:52  

I love this story.
Very interesting :D
Keep it up.

Anonymous 07/02/2014, 00:12  

it's such an interesting story..really like it..

Anonymous 07/02/2014, 01:06  

Really an interesting story! Keep it up akh!

Aryme_Chan 07/02/2014, 03:15  

Erk.. why Magnetic was mutant?
As the T-gene only characterised by the same personality.

*taking this story up too seriously. Haha

Inche gabbana 07/02/2014, 09:13  

Mya Emyra: Betul gak en. ^^"

In that case, his gene was altered by J-Gene; Jahiliyyah gene. Hohoho.

Anonymous 07/02/2014, 13:20  

I hope there will be a comic version of this story. It'll be super awesome!!!! I love, love, love your writingggg!!!! >o<"

-SA- :D

Anonymous 08/02/2014, 00:28  

wahaha.. kretippp. i likee! :D

natasya 08/02/2014, 01:06  


Anonymous 08/02/2014, 11:33  

magneto/magnetic suppose to be just a little bit astray but not the devil himself. since, his only problem is not believing that mutant and human can live together. fix that and he'll be fine. a good guy perhaps for T-team dakwah hahaha... the real enemy is still out there, to be continued :P

Dr Doyot 08/02/2014, 16:44  

haha..cute characters..i am wondering what their outfit look like, will the Thunder wear hijab that actually has superpower within..haha

Anonymous 09/02/2014, 17:20  

I dont know about the word 'besides' in 3rd paragraph.

Brand Cikai 13/02/2014, 11:45  

-o- tak sangka tinggi jugak imaginasi p.cik gabbana. mcm budak2 versi zaman tarbiyah.eh

When i saw the title " The T-Men" terus ingat katun Teen Titans Go! urmm..lebih kurang mcm cter p.cik gabbana jgak laa. katun zaman budak2 dulu.[mcm dh besar sgt --]

tapi best jgak klau dpt baca fikiran mad'u.wahahah.


Eternal Love Seeker 13/02/2014, 21:28  

inilah antara karya yang muncul jika Islam subur di muka bumi. Recruit more rijal and teach them to produce international best seller novel, inche Gabbana.(Y)

Anonymous 17/02/2014, 16:24  

APG , it's too osem ! Hui..hrp2 ade novel cte mcm ni :3

Anonymous 07/03/2014, 13:47  

Alhamdulillah. Menarik.
Bg saya, point dr cite ni tntg logam.
Semasa J & selepas menerima tarbiyyah, logam tetap sama tp dpt dimanfaatkan utk islam ^_^

Anonymous 04/05/2014, 11:31  

why n0t u publish islamic c0mic for children t0 expose them ab0ut dkwah and tarbiyah since they're still y0ung ?? it was s0 A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! >,<

Unknown 07/01/2015, 01:15  

Ice cream man please tuk kem motivasi sekolah. :D

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