28 February 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around


In our everyday's life, we will hear things like bad guys being hit by train, or a disobedient son been struck by lightning or the house of this makcik nasi lemak is on fire just because last week she cheated a customer by charging him extra for the extra sambal he asked for. Err.

Ok probably the examples given are somewhat extreme.

But believe me, things like that do happen.

Some call it karma.

Others call it the law of nature.

The French put it as "À bois noueux, hache affilée." Meet roughness with roughness.

Me? I prefer to call it sunnatullah. God's law.


As a mu'min, we do believe that Allah, the Most Just and Fair of all, will repay one's deeds accordingly. Either in this world, or in the hereafter. In fact, that's the very motivation that should keep us going; because we have Allah, whatever happens, we know He is always there for us.  

You been cheated by somebody, that you feel like throwing yourself into a deep ravine or something? Don't worry, Allah is there to compensate you. 

Some pakciks and makciks bad-mouthed you, about the tarbiyah and dakwah you do, telling others what an extreme Taliban you are and yada yada yada, till you feel like jumping in front of a fast moving train? Fret not, you know Allah will punish them in the hereafter. 

Some tough nuts actually hurt you physically, I don't know, slapped you or kicked your ass off or pulled your hair, just because you invited them to Islam, to the point that you feel like letting yourself being eaten by the great white shark? Ah, small matter. You have the hereafter to look forward to! 

Allah is the Most Loving and Caring, that He won't let His servants - especially those who work hard in His cause, those who sacrifice dearly for His deen and those who, despite storms and typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis, stand steadfast to defend this glorious religion - suffered and being persecuted without a proper payback time. Eheh. If not in this world, surely in the after world. 

It is very interesting to note and bear in mind, however, that this concept, i.e. what goes around merry-go-round. Eh. What goes around comes around, very much applies to our tarbiyah and dakwah as well. Every single day. Every single thing.

Let's see. 

If we used to be a rebellious, stubborn and mischievous mutarabbi (Read: Hadek bulatan gembira), lo! Behold! I can guarantee you for almost ninety nine point seven five percent that one day, one fine day, you will have exactly the same mutarabbi as who you were used to be. I know, because it had hit me hard. Real hard. Big fat sweats. Watch this space.  

If we like to make our own decision, consultation is the least thing that we do, we don't appreciate the true spirit a jamaah, then don't complain or whine when one day, your very own subordinates are doing precisely the same thing to you. 

If jealousy and envy are two words that cannot be eradicated from our life's dictionary, we just couldn't stand looking at others' successes and achievements, we feel a sudden rush of bloods and sweats seeing our dearly beloved al-akh close with other ikhwah, then don't scratch your head when people are jealous and full of envious towards you. 

If we simply could not open up our mind and be positive towards others (Read: Husnudzan), that it's very easy for us to be prejudice and negative all the time, meh, don't cry your eyes off if people simply cannot tolerate and be nice to you.

Gulp. Now now, you know I'm telling nothing but the truth right? And yet you are still wondering, why on earth is that your mutarabbi is so stubborn and hard to get down with.


There's a saying that treat others as like what you like to be treated. If you yourself don't like to deal with difficult people, or don't like to be treated in certain ways or manners, the very least you can do is try not to be difficult yourself and treat others well.

"None of you truly believes, until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."

[Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim]

Of course, the best is if you can treat others as what they like to be treated. Itsar. You prioritise others first, before you even care for yourself. The highest level of ukhuwwah, that is. 

The point is simple. Be fair. Be kind. Be just. And be nice.

Because He is the Most Fair. He is the Most Kind. He is the Most Just. And He is the Most Nice.

"So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it. And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it."
[al-Zalzalah, 99:7-8]

And because, what goes around, will surely come around.

Be warned.


6 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

nam 28/02/2013, 11:28  

What u give u get back!we wont be able to satisfy everyone.but it will be worth of trying to do so.

nini 28/02/2013, 11:38  

yerp.....hidup ni kan ibarat roda, kadang di atas kadang di bawah

Miss Kelabu 28/02/2013, 20:38  

another great entry by inche gabbana!
but, actually i don't really believe the saying 'treat others as like what you like to be treated'. sbb selalu terjadi pd sy, treat org dgn baik, but depa pijak kpala.

Anonymous 02/03/2013, 13:32  

dear azlina,percaya pd Allah. anda buat baik ada ganjaran pahalanya dari Allah jika niatnya betul ikhlas keranaNya dan bukan mengharap balasan dr org tu. jaga niat kita...myself pun kdg2terperangkap dgn layanan bisikan syaitan. sama2kita betulkan niat hnya untuk Allah...so kita tak kisah apa org buat balik kat kita..mungkin jg Allah menguji kita..Allah yg berkuasa atas segalanya

Miss Kelabu 02/03/2013, 17:48  

kpd anonymous, terima kasih krn mengingatkan sy :)
semoga kita sama2 trhindar drpd bisikan syaitan dan sentiasa ikhlas krn Allah.

Anonymous 02/03/2013, 23:59  

Keep up the tradition of consistently writing it in other languages, Mr G. May it open the hearts of some outsiders to your blog. Ameen.

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

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