17 August 2011

Hungry People Are Angry People

Eeerrrrggghhhh....!!! [Kredit]

Yes peeps, have you ever heard of that sayings before..?

Orang lapar adalah orang marah. Haha, doesn't sound quite right eh? 

Anyway, last week me and my family decided to berbuka with pizza. That was Thursday.  So after contemplating whether to have Pizza Hut or Domino's, I decided to go for Pizza Hut, mostly because it has been awhile since the last time I had it. And it so happened Puan Mama got some vouchers from Pizza Hut. Voila.

To cut a long story short, after browsing through the menu online, I decided to order this Viva Pizza set (three of seemingly scrumptious pizzas! Vavavum!), one spaghetti carbonara as requested by Inche Abang and two sets of chicken wings, one being the usual stuff and the other one is this golden honey something. Looked appetizing enough to me, that I decided to give it a try. Ok plus because I was fasting. Duh!

I made the order around 5.50 pm. And I ordered online. Yes ladies and gentlemen, somehow the technology in Malaysia does allow me to order pizza online, just in case you are not aware of that fact. Never had a problem with Domino's, so I'd reckoned Pizza Hut won't cause me any trouble.

I specifically requested that my order to be delivered at 7.05 pm. Didn't want the pizzas to be soggy and cold if they were to be delivered too early, did I? 

Then my nightmare begun. 

At 7.15 pm, no hint whatsoever that anyone from Pizza Hut was going to arrive in front of our doorstep. None of that unmistakable sound of the Pizza Hut's rempit-bike. No nothing. So after being nagged by Inche Abang (Eeerrggh...! He can be such a rascal when it comes to food!), I made a call to Pizza Hut.

Me: Hallo.
Pizza Hut Operator (PHO): Hallo. My name is XXX. How can I help you..?
Me: Hi hallo. I made an order around 6 pm just now.
PHO: Can I have your mobile number sir?
Me: Er. It's 01XXXXXXXX.
PHO: Ok, wait a min. Yes, you made an order around 5.50 pm.
Me: Ok... So where's my order? It's 7.15 now. I actually asked for my order to be delivered at 7.05 pm.
PHO: Yes sir. The delivery boy has left since 6.30pm from Taman XYZ outlet. It should reach you in 20 minutes.
Me: Kidding me?? Taman XYZ is just 5 minutes away from my house!
PHO: Are you serious sir..?
Me: Yes I am! Cannot be like this! (Read: Mana boleh macam ni!)
PHO: Ok sir. Just wait for 20 minutes.
Me: No, cannot. You promised to deliver 10 minutes ago!
PHO: Ok sir. I'll ask the manager of Taman XYZ outlet to give you a call.
Me: (Eeeergghhh)

I don't really remember what transpired after that.

But guess what? No one called me. And worst, the pizzas didn't arrive 20 minutes later as promised.

By this time Inche Abang has turned into an ugly, vicious and atrocious monster. 

Ok, definitely not Cookie Monster. He's too cute for this. I mean, a real ugly, UGLY monster! Roaaarrr! [Kredit]

And the azan was called.

We berbuka with whatever we had.

Then I made another call to Pizza Hut. This time around, I had, err, well, lost my temper. A little weenee-meenee bit. I suppose Inche Temper was only around during the day, when I was fasting.

Me: Hallo.
PHO: Hallo, my name is OPQ. How can I help you?
Me: Yes hallo. I ordered my pizzas more than one hour ago. And they haven't arrived.
PHO: Oh, can I have your phone number please.
Me: (Sweats) It's 01XXXXXXX. And I have called your call center before this, like half an hour ago.
PHO: Ok.
Me: The person in-charged told me my pizzas would arrive in 20 minutes. But nothing happened. And she also said somebody would call me, but no one called!
PHO: No one called..? Ok.. Err. Let me check again.
Me: Cannot be like this meh! If by 7.45pm the pizzas are still undelivered, I'll just cancel my order..!
PHO: Sir, I'll ask the manager to call you.
Me: Pffffttt..

(All the conversations took place in Bahasa Melayu. Somehow when they are translated into English, they don't sound that ganas anymore. Hohoho..)

And you guess it right. The pizzas never arrived. Ever. 

So all of us, the whole family, decided to dine-out instead. C'est magnifique.

And you guess it right again. No one from Pizza Hut gave me a call. Not a damn call. 

Came Monday, I made a complaint through this Pizza Hut's designated complainant's site. I can't remember what exactly did I write. But one I thing I am sure of, I actually 'threatened' them by writing, if no action is to be taken, then I will gladly write to Malay Mail's Hotmail instead. Hah.

And it worked. Surprise surprise.

Yesterday, a lady from Pizza Hut called me and promised she will investigate the matter and will follow-up with voucher(s) as a compliment. Yeah right.

(Truth is, not sure whether their response is a normal thing everytime after a complaint is made, or is it because Malay Mail's name was mentioned.)

And today, another guy from Pizza Hut called me. He claimed to be the manager in-charged of the operation for a few outlets, and Taman XYZ is one of them. He apologised profusely and sounded as if he was about to be fired if he doesn't resolve this issue the soonest. Hehe..  

He explained on the day I made my order, Taman XYZ's outlet was indeed in a chaotic state; it's foreign workers had a fight with the local ones, so they decided not to work that day. Sounds like watching Sinetron eh..? But somehow, I bought that one. Probably coz he sounded sincere and genuine.

He also offered to deliver my order, at anytime I choose to. For free I suppose. Seems like an irresistible offer eh? Nah, I'm really frustrated with Pizza-Hut now. Next time I'm making a pizza order, that would be either Domino's' or Yellow Cab's. Most probably Domino's, thanks to their awesome track record.

Pizza Kau-Bikin-Aku-Hot...?? [Kredit]

Moral of the story? Never mess with a hungry person, especially during Ramadhan, coz he can turn green in a second. Wahahaha..

Narrated by Abu Huraira: ar-Rasul SAW said:

“Fasting is a shield (or a screen or a shelter). So, the person observing fasting should avoid sexual relation with his wife and should not behave foolishly and impudently, and if somebody fights with him or abuses him, he should tell him twice, ‘I am fasting.'..."

[Sahih Bukhari, Book #31, Hadith #118]


15 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

theonewhospilthekopi 17/08/2011, 18:33  

gaya penulisan inche gabbana berbeda utk post ini.betul ke inche yg tulis?heee

slamat berbuka~

Slave 17/08/2011, 20:35  

susah jgk nk bersabar dlm bln2 pose ni. dlm AQ pun suruh kite selalu bersabar, bkn sabar biasa je, tp kesabaran yg baik. moga ramadhan kali ni lebih baik drpd ramadhan thn2 lps. ;-)

Anonymous 17/08/2011, 21:12  

pizza hut xperlu diboikot ke...

Unknown 17/08/2011, 21:50  

sabaq bro, sabaq.

apalah sangat piza tu.


Aqeelah 18/08/2011, 01:35  

surprise surprise
sounds just like my dad
never mess around with him when he is hungry and there is no food in front of him
even the hulk will look nice and innocent(exaggerate)

may i kindly ask a question or make it several Qs,
why is temper so easily blurted out compared with giving a smile?
bukan ke nafsu amarah tu kalau dikawal sewaktu puasa inshaAllah berlanjutan for the whole month(tapi mcm tipu la jugak)

hmmm,thoughts for the day

Inche gabbana 18/08/2011, 11:48  

theonewhospilthekopi: hahaha.. mmg bukan inche gabbana pon yg tulis. kembar dia. heh.

Inche gabbana 18/08/2011, 11:48  

Slave: TT__TT jzkk atas teguran/perkongsian.. iAllah, doakan sy juga..

Inche gabbana 18/08/2011, 11:49  

enonimus: penah dgr gak, tp tak sure. sbb dia bwh johor corp kan..? ke camne eh..?

ada sesapa yg ada info dan boleh confirmkan..?

Inche gabbana 18/08/2011, 11:49  

hazen: bukan hot pasal tak dapat makan pizza bro. Ok hot la sket. hehe..

tp lagi hot dgn sikap diorang yg acuh tak acuh tu. lgsg tak care pasal customer lgsg. bukan customer is always right ke..? hihihi..

Inche gabbana 18/08/2011, 11:51  

aqeelah: sbb perasaan amarah tu dtgnya dari syaitan dan nafsu dalam diri yg keji.

so ada org yg tukang pom-pomkan di tepi "marah marah heyy..!" so kita lagi senang ah nak marah.

sdgkan senyum tu satu sifat terpuji dan datang dari dalam diri kita. so mujahadah diri sendiri, takde sapot dari sesapa.

saya rasa la.. huhu..

jzkk ntok pandangan yg menarik.

- abdul hadi abdul muti - 18/08/2011, 13:01  

orang lapar memang cepat marah. btw, domino is seriously far better than pizza hut.

Anonymous 18/08/2011, 19:12  

3:133-134 yup u never want to mess up with hungry ppl. Heh

Anonymous 19/08/2011, 17:16  

Salam. saya pun nak tnya pasal boikot ni. saya pun tak boikot pizza same goes as KFC. tapi ada yg kata, Johor Corp still menyumbang utk Israel? Any response?

Busybusy 20/08/2011, 03:06  

macam bukan inche gabbana je... =,=
ke x?

Anonymous 22/08/2011, 15:25  

bukan johorcorp yang menyumbang pada israel.. tp pizzahut ngan kfc tu sendiri.. tp menyumbang pd. Rajin2 usha http://www.yum.com/ utk browse tru brand yg bernaung bawah Yum! ni.

Secara logiknya nama kfc ngan pizzahut tu asal-usulnye nun di amerika. Sape2 yg masih ingat ilmu accountingnya boleh recall term 'GOODWILL'. Xkan free2 kot pakai nama kfc n PH...

Tapi kita bukan main logik je. Mmg sah2 diorg ade sumbang (oh percayalah sy ckp berdasarkn insider info). Diorg sumbang pada US yang sibuk dok kacau adik-beradik kte kat Iraq nun. So bkn bermksud diorg x sumbang pd Israel maka xyah boikot yek.

p/s: kalau mampu boikot la. Xmampu sikit2 pun still counted insyaallah. Kalau xtau xpe kan... kalau tau sila spread kot. Pls b informed ppl, esp inche gabbana.


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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

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