4 January 2011

Let Us All Sell Fish..!

I wonder whether God created humans naturally to be selfish. Somehow this trait flows in their blood - in our blood

Take for an example, a simple looking tudung-clad Mak Cik, who looks innocent in every way possible, but when it comes to boarding up the Putra LRT, she's willing to do just about anything to secure a seat in the coach. And this includes pushing other people or rushing to go in even when there are still many people waiting to exit the train. 

Or how about those annoying filthy smokers...? Pardon me for the language but it's the truth, no? Annoying filthy smokers. They think they are just maximizing their own utilities (putting it in a pure economic term); as long as by puffing out smokes won't affect other people's welfare, who cares..? The fact is, they very much do affect other people's quality life. They are destroying the lives of many simply by the act of producing poisonous smokes out of their lungs. And of course, their lives as well. Pfffttt!

Oh oh! How about the fact that we waste so much of water and electricity, thinking that we are the one who's paying the bills and so, what the fuss..?? Or it's just me who's throwing the trash out the window, it's not like the entire humanity doing it..! Yeah, just imagine if everyone has such a backward and uncivilized mentality, the world will be doomed!

And you think by reckless and speedy driving has got nothing to do with being selfish? Well think again once you have knocked someone's daughter unconscious.  


In reality, each and everyone of us has played a role in this life-entangling drama. Whether we like it or not, we are selfish, in one way or another.

You don't believe me..? You think you are probably the most selfless person in the entire universe? How about this.

As a friend, has it ever crossed your mind that I'm very hungry, so I don't want to share this Ayya Samy's muruku with you, sorry. Or how about as a big sister, you feel like throwing out your brothers out of the window just because they are such nosy rascals and you want to have your own private peaceful space, all to yourself. Or how about as a loving mother, you want your child to grow up as an all-rounder kid, and hence, start sending him to all sort of classes and tuitions and courses, without ever considering his feelings..?  Or don't look too far; how about you refusing to go to usrah or do dakwah just because you need more time to study or more time for yourself..? There, there. Aren't these actions selfish? Albeit justified or not?

I've seen selfish acts done by the most unsuspecting culprits for so many times that it made me think, is it just natural to be selfish..?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes if you are talking about survival. People tend to be selfish when their life is in danger or when they feel people whom they love most are being threatened. They will do just about anything to make sure they survive. Ironically, this act might seem selfish to some, but selfless to others.

As well, people tend to be selfish when the life in the hereafter comes into the picture. Who wants to be thrown into the hellfire? And who doesn't want to enjoy an eternal life in the gardens of Shang-ri La? Once revealed and enlightened to them, people will do anything and everything they can just to ensure that their place in heaven is sealed. In a way, it is an act of selfish; you will do your best to protect your interest, to make sure you would eventually attain His infinite blessings.

These selfish acts are okay; they can be tolerated. In fact, in the latter case, it's even encouraged to be selfish. Who doesn't want to go to heaven eh..? Crazy.

The problem is when people become selfish for the sake of having worldly pleasure, or to fulfill his/her own infinite lust. Why do you think people demand for prostitutes even when they are married with kids? Why do you think people become corrupt, bought houses worth millions of ringgit and went for holidays in the Disneyland using rakyat's money, when they themselves earn so much already? Why do you think people go to Hajj repeatedly, again and again and again, when their own relatives at kampong hardly have anything to serve on their dining table (if they do have one..)..?

Baffling huh? But surprise, surprise, surprise, welcome to the real world!

In this world, no one would give a damn to help you if he sees no real profits of doing so. In this world you are living, everyone wants to make sure he has the upper hand in every single matter. People are competing hard and rather violently just to make sure they have the biggest house, the latest gadgets and the poshest car in the market to boast. People do not care about others; the only life-mission implanted in their brain is how to satiate their own endless wants and desires. Me, myself and me again. Welcome to my world where people don't care anymore.


But hey, it's not the end of the world for sure! Life is not too bleak, too dark for us to pass through. There is a dimmed light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, we do have someone to look up upon, to be our qudwah, the best role model of all. One person who is undoubtedly the most genuinely selfless person ever lived - Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

How did he react when the Thaif people shooed him away, throwing him with stones and thus injuring him in the due course? Did he retaliate? Did he accept Jibril a.s.' offer to damn the people with the nearby Thaif mountain? No! He pardoned them all and even prayed to Allah that one day, these people would come to Islam and surely they did!

What did he SAW do when he and the companions liberated Makah? Did he call all the people who used to abuse and torture Muslims, himself included, and execute them all..? No! What did he do then? He pardoned them all, no string attached! How amazing is that..?? By all mean he could have just punished them for all the cruelties and atrocities they had committed. But no, the prophet SAW ain't a fan of the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth policy. Na-ah.

And did he ever disappoint his companions whenever they came to his house, asking for food or help? Even when he himself SAW wasn't in the very best of condition? You knew the answer. You knew the answer all this while. Not once, not even a single time, did he ever let anyone who came to his house asking for a helping hand feeling disappointed. 

This is how one's life should be led. He lives for others and not for himself.  He SAW once said:

"None of you truly believes (in Allah and in His religion) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself"
[Mutafaqun 'Alaih]  

After all, are we not the caliph of the world, whereby we should administer and look after the world with full responsibility, with no string attached? Do we not live in this world for the sake of His pleasure and His pleasure alone..?

The world is ours, and not just yours. [Credit]

So what can we learn from this great man? A lot of course.  For one thing we can be rest assured and take comfort of, our own beloved Prophet SAW is the most selfless person ever existed. Can we emulate his legendary selflessness? Sadly, most probably no. But we can try. We should give it a damn good try. 

Why? Because all of us are a bunch of nasty selfish creatures, who would looooovvveeee to go to Jannah. How ironic is that..? Tell me about it. ;)


6 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Mohammad Aiman 04/01/2011, 15:07  

bi pula ?

zameer.zaihan 04/01/2011, 15:37  

ADAM! aku suka tahap naruto musang ekor 9 entri ni! tp, implementasi tu hmmm. jauh dr jangkauan. tp we should give it a try, kan? T.T

Inche gabbana 04/01/2011, 21:33  

aiman: kena, kalau tak berkarat nanti... hohoho..

Inche gabbana 04/01/2011, 21:34  

ZAMEER...!!! Hahahaha.. Over ah description ko tu..

Memang susah, tapi tiket ke syurga mmg mahal abg oii.

Memang susah, tapi kalau para sahabat, tabi' tabiin, salafus soleh boleh bwat, mengapa bkan kita..? ;)


Mohammad Hijaz 04/01/2011, 23:07  

SubhanalLah...a very meaningful writing.I pray to Allah that so that I could write like this and perhaps better. May Allah let us apart from the Hell Fire and administer us in His Jannah.jazakalLahu khayr,syeikh.

Inche gabbana 05/01/2011, 09:54  

hijaz: woah 1st time dapat komen dari anta..! this is an honour..!

iAllah. im confident one day u'll be an excellent writer urself! ;)

but remember, write to give and not to get. get it..? haha.. ^^

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