28 September 2010

Things People Actually Do During Office Hours

Salaam all! Lately I have been updating my blog quite frequently eh..? Hehe.. Well, partly it's kinda my new azam (I tried looking for 'azam' in in the internet, and 'intention' is the best that came out.. So might as well just use azam!) to do so; to make sure my blog is always updated. And another part... Haha.. Do I really hafta say it out loud..?

Well... Because I don't really have things to do during my office hours! ;p i know I know, its 'kinda' wrong, as if I curi tulang and all.. But I figured out, it's much better to do something  (and have something to do!) rather than wandering around, physically and mentally, not doing anything. Right..? (I bet most of you are nodding in agreement.. ^^) And post such as this will definitely benefit both you and me. So let us together thank Allah for giving me this opportunity to write! Hihihi..

Ok, lets cut short the merepeking part and go straight to the point of me writing this post. Here goes...

10 Forbidden Things During Office Hours, Yet People Are Doing Them As If No One Cares.. ;p 
  1. Coming in late to the office, and yet, still got guts to go to the cafe and have breakfast some more...
  2. Treating the tea-lady as if she is your personal Indonesian bibik.
  3. Talking and gossiping loudly, just to make sure everyone is aware of the current hot affairs. 
  4. Fully utilising the desk-phone to settle your own personal matters.
  5. Surfing the internet like there is no tomorrow... (Including online-shopping)
  6. Going out for lunch 15 minutes earlier and come back to office half an hour later.
  7. Sleeping... (Note: This is completely different from dozing off.. =p)
  8. Pretending there is no work to do, when there is actually a mountain of workloads waiting to be dealt with.
  9. Going back early, although already came in late in the morning (refer to Point 1). Reason being, no work to do (Point 8) or want to avoid traffic jam/congestion at the LRT station.
  10. Writing a blog post... Wakakaka.. ^^"
Gossiping may be productive!
You might have a different set of list altogether, but those are things that I personally think are the most common in such working environment.

Well, whatever it is, for those who are reading this and you are working just like myself, make sure you have identified your real intention of working! Lillahi ta'ala.. Insha-Allah! ;)


2 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Anonymous 28/09/2010, 17:29  

encik gabbana...mmg xde kerja gamaknya..siap berblog bagai...

Inche gabbana 28/09/2010, 17:34  

hihihihi... *malu*

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

-At Taubah, 9:111

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