21 September 2010

Feel Like Crying...

I feel like crying now, for a couple of reasons..

One of 'em, I was just about to finish writing this post, quite a long one when I accidentally deleted it. Stupid me. I started writing it last night, and yet, it took less than a microsecond to disappear into the thin air. What an irony. I tried to recover it but hey, guess what? I won't be writing this post if I did succeed.. TT__TT

Another reason, I went to PWTC this morning, supposedly sitting down comfortably in the Merdeka hall, listening to whatever those gov's officials got to say about the New Economic Model and probably later witnessing Najib Tun Razak officiating the whole thingy. And guess again! I am now in front of my PC at my desk, looking somber, tired and bored, writing this post. I rushed this morning just to make sure I'll be arriving at PWTC on time. Yet, when I did arrive, people were busy eating breakfast and all. And I later found out that the event would start at 10am, instead of 9. What a complete waste of time. I could have just taken my own sweet time, strolling the street leisurely, enjoying the morning sun. But no, my virtuous self told me that I must arrive on time. And I did. Bravo.

Worst, I didn't manage to get a seat. They were thousands of people just like myself, hoping to at least benefit more or less from the event. So it was just natural that some of us were not able to sit down in the hall. Survival of the fittest. Thanksla Charles Darwin! And thanksla the organiser, for making the event open to all!

Even the public screen outside the hall was not good enough to accommodate everyone. I did stand for awhile, but my legs gave way. Luckily I had Firdaus with me, or else I think I could have collapsed or even died of extreme boredom. I thought Idris Jala's speech was quite ok though. Eventually we sat at this desk, whereby the registration for this OKU's sort of training program took place awhile ago. And as fate had it, we had this productive conversation with this Kakak Aziah, a volunteer for the OKU thingy, on lotsa issues and topics. I thought she was cool.

I also met a few friends. I did expect that to happen, considering the overwhelming participants. So it wasn't that bad. At the end, we decided to go back to our office as we were not benefiting from the event. At all. Even the workshops were full with enthusiastic industrialists and bankers and managers and whatevers. I didn't care much. I feel bad though, because all we got from the event, putting aside Idris Jala's okeyish speech, that cool Kakak and meeting my friends, were just free refreshments. Ha ha. So yes, I did feel like crying because the whole thing did exhaust me. With nothing much in return.

And the worst thing that happened to me today (and a few friends of mine) that DID make me cry, was THE betrayal. Nah, don't feel like talking about it. It hurts much. Enough for me to say that it was so unbelievable, I doubt even Ripleys would want to consider it. I was shaking when I first heard about it. Still am. Oh God.. Still couldn't devour it. Whatever..

And oh! I went to the pantry hoping that I could enjoy a cup of hot chocs in this gloomy weather.. And to sorta alleviate my spirit after whatever crap that has taken place. But it seems, even the coffee machine was against me. Written on the small screen was 'Chocolate finished.' Same thing happened with Mochacino. So I ended up having this super-bitter cuppa..!

Oh what a day!


1 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Unknown 07/12/2015, 04:15  

A cuppa cappucino? lol. I found out ur blog three years ago when I first joined Usrah. Once in a blue moon, I'll be checking ur blog. As u seldomly update it, I was soo bored and started to godek2 ur old post. It is amazing as I started to read post between post (I started from the oldest post) I can sense ur development in terms of maturity and writing skills. It's like watching u grow up.. lol. I don't think I would come across another post like this from U nowadays..anyway, U have come a longgg way. kipidap. :)

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