21 April 2009


Salaam a'laikum warah matullah.

All praises be upon Allah, the supreme Lord of the Worlds and solawat and salam to His noblest servant and our beloved Prophet, Muhammad ibn Adullah SAW.

Finally, and thankfully, I've got the strength and opportunity to update this hitherto idle blog. I sincerely apologise to all of you, especially those who are loyal, constantly checking out this blog in hoping for new posts and updates. The truth is, however I try to justify it by saying life has been hectic lately, I have been very busy, bla bla bla... I just didn't have the mood to update. I've been trying in vain, with little progress of course to at least write something, just about anything and yet, I still couldn't muster it.

Not many people know that I was back in Malaysia for the past 3 weeks. It was rather an unexpected decision. In fact, I bought my ticket one and half week before I left. Alhamdulillah, I managed to search for a reasonably-priced ticket with KLM, though I wouldn't want to opt for it anymore for my next long haul journey. Of course, going back to Malaysia, seeing my family and cats, catching up with friends and food (*wink*) are things that are too good to be true. I had fun, alhamdulillah and I also managed to push myself to go to the library to study. I know, I know, it sounds so nerdy and uncool, hahaha, but I really had to do it coz my final exams are just around the corner. Honestly.

When I was in Malaysia, lots of things had happened there. The most significant events are probably the ascendancy of Najib to the premiership post and the new cabinet lineups. Yes, I've got my own thoughts on both events and I was longing to write about them. But to write about them now seems a little bit too late and probably can be considered ancient already in the blogosphere. Haha, my bad for not doing it earlier on! But probably I'll write something about them, maybe looking at the progress made by the new cabinet members after a month or so. We'll see.

I was also asked by friends to write on two issues; one being the current world economic situation and the other one is on istiqamah. I'll try my best to satisfy these demands, hehe, but probably not anytime soon as I really need to concentrate on my studies. And I don't want to simply write based on random thoughts without actually doing some research coz that will produce nothing but a boring piece.

I went to Ireland, Dublin to be exact last weekend, yes, immediately after I arrived from KL. Just got back this morning. Believe it or not; that was my first time going to Ireland, after Spain, France, Malta and Italy - considering it is the nearest European country to the UK! Hehe.. Well, there's always a first time for everything ayte? ;)

I had interview with Shell this morning for my summer internship. I had to rush from Stansted Airport (My ticket flying back to London was the earliest one this morning. Couldn't get one on last night's) back to my place first so that I could take my shower and all. I actually brought my suit and leather shoes all the way to Ireland, just in case the flight was delayed or anything. I just couldn't gamble the risk! Had to sacrifice my breakfast and alhamdulillah, I managed to be there early. The interview went well I guess. But everything is possible. The result will be out in 2 weeks time the latest. I think I've tried my best so now it's the time to make du'as and tawakkal. Do pray for me!

I finished reading 'Ayat-Ayat Cinta' by Habiburrahman El Shirazy this morning. It confirms what everyone has been saying; it is so much better that the movie itself. I long for a similar love for and from Allah, His prophet and of course, whoever is going to be the queen of my heart. =) Insha-Allah.

That's all for now I guess. Actually I don't feel very well at the moment. Probably I've been pushing myself a little too hard since I got back from Malaysia. I'm sorry, body. Hehs.

Insha-Allah, I will write again in the nearest future. I pray to Allah, may all of you my dearest blog readers, are always in the shed of His light and mercy. Amin.

Allahu a'lam.


3 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

imanshafiq 21/04/2009, 03:15  

all the best for you brother for the interview thing...by the way,can i borrow the book ayat2 cinta..trying to find a copy of it for some time but couldnt get it...

Inche gabbana 21/04/2009, 03:38  

hahaha.. boleh saja dong...! ;)

thanx for the wish btw!

Anonymous 21/04/2009, 12:22  

sory abt the other day.i didnt re ur sms.probably ms tue dah tido bcos of my LI thg.n of course plus the committment issue regarding starians dat we had discussed the other day,remember?=p

having said all dat,just want to thank u for still having me as ur fren.i kno i'm not dat cool,i mean in term of rajiness,hee..but i still be there for hang out rite?hehe

take care dude!

p/s;fren's advise:dont forget to take care of those who love u feelings,u kno wut i'm sayin?

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

-At Taubah, 9:111

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