14 March 2009

Friday the 13th

Today is the happiest day for me. It's also the saddest, the bleakest day.

I don't know, really... It's really a mix feeling. I'm confused and anxious at the same time.

But whatever it is, I am very grateful indeed, all praises be upon Him, the Lord of the Worlds for finally giving me the most needed strength that I have been waiting for.

I have been contemplating about it for quite a sometime. And I have even procrastinating from actually doing it. But today alhamdulillah, somehow I could gather the strength to do so.

It was tough. It was REALLY tough. And I'm going through a very difficult time at the moment. Please my dear friends and readers, pray for me, so that I'll be steadfast with the decision I have made and may I am strong enough to face the coming days.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah...


5 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

titian dakwah 14/03/2009, 14:43  

kalo ada pape masalah, ana sentiasa ada untuk mendengar inshaAllah =)

Nisyana Abdul 14/03/2009, 14:48  

May Allah bless u, ameen.
Bila kita buat satu keputusan yang baik, kita yakin dan serah kat Allah. Dia akan atur yang terbaik.
Tuhan tahunye nak buat camne, sebab Dia yang buat kita dan buat masalah kita.
Have faith :)

dahlia 16/03/2009, 03:05  

i am truly amazed and awed by that inner strength. not many people have it. may Allah make it easier for you in the coming days, may He bless you with continued guidance and may He shower you with His Love, a love that outshines all. :)

brotherly support is available 24hrs, a phonecall/msg/10metres away (depending on the time of the day).

Alhamdulillah. :)

MiD 18/03/2009, 02:11  

May Allah show all of us the straight path..

Best of luck Adam!

Inche gabbana 18/03/2009, 03:47  

terima kasih terima kasih. cudn't really express my feeling right now. im so touched by all the genuine concerns shown by all of you!!!

jazakamullah khairan katira'! ;)

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"Sesungguhnya Allah membeli dari orang-orang mukmin, baik diri mahupun harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga kepada mereka. Mereka berperang di jalan Allah; sehingga mereka membunuh atau terbunuh...

Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

-At Taubah, 9:111

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