16 November 2008

Yes, we can!

What have Barrack Obama and Lewis Hamilton got in common?

There are both black, living in white-majority country, proud with their immigrant descendants and yes, both are champions.

Just a few days ago, Hamilton has made the whole Britain proud by earning the 2008 Formula 1 overall champion title.

Today, Obama has sent a clear message through out the whole world that anything is possible, by being elected as the 44th President of the United States of America.


Okay, that was what I wrote a week ago, before I heard an amazing khutbah from this amazing brother during solat jumaah. I have been wanting to finish up this article (about the connection between Obama and Hamilton). But now I am glad, I'm really glad that I didn't.

The khutbah initially focused on Zaid ibn Harithah r.a., a sahabah, one of the closest and beloved companions of Rasulullah S.A.W. And then it went on describing how Umm Aiman, whom Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. had a profound and genuine compassion as she was the one who took care of him during the early life as an orphan, was married to Zaid ibn Harithah r.a.. They then had a son, Usamah r.a., who was also one of Rasulullah S.A.W.'s favourite. How amazing it is huh? To have the whole family being loved and cared by the Prophet of Allah S.A.W. himself? But then, I was wondering, what is the whole point of these descriptions and stories? Somehow I felt that the brother didn't hit the bull's eye this time, like he usually did. Not just yet, it turned out.

As he began the second part of his khutbah, then only everything made sense. A real-bang-on your-head sense. Ok, all of them were black. As in, their skin color. For all this while, Bilal ibn Rabah was the one who always crossed our mind whenever black is mentioned, in respect to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.'s companions. We tend to forget that Zaid ibn Harithah r.a., Umm Aiman and Usamah r.a. were black as well. And most importantly, they were very special on the eyes of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W..

Let me just further describe Zaid ibn Harithah r.a. and his son, Usamah r.a. a little bit more. Zaid r.a. was adopted by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and he loved Zaid so much that he considered Zaid as his own son; even to the extent where Zaid was known as Zaid bin Muhammad. This was true until the revelations from heaven came saying that adopted children must retain their real father's name. Zaid was the only sahabah whose name is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an; regarding the issue of Rasulullah S.A.W. to marry his divorced wife. And Zaid was made the commander in chief for the Mu'tah war, where he was killed as a syuhada' (may Allah bless his soul). When Rasulullah S.A.W. delivered this message to other sahabi, his eyes were filled with tears.

Usamah r.a. on the other hand, was one of Rasulullah S.A.W.'s favourite kid in the block, besides Hassan r.a. and Hussein r.a. (try recalling the hadith that illustrated how Rasulullah S.A.W. fondly played with Usamah and Hassan; Usamah on one of his knees and Hassan on the other). When he was just 18, Rasulullah S.A.W. gave Usamah the honour of leading an army of 3000 Muslims (the biggest number so far) against the Roman empire. Remember, in the team, there were great sahabi such as Abu Bakr r.a. and Umar al-Khattab r.a.. And there were also voices and rumours spreading around about this, not liking the decision made by Rasulullah S.A.W.. Yet, Rasulullah S.A.W. had put his deepest trust on Usamah's ability and leadership to head a group of believers to crush the Kuffars, which exactly what he did, and of course, successfully shut all the bad mouths up.

Ok, now le me just deliver the point. People all over the world were somewhat deeply engaged to the recent US election, and it was somewhat apparent that since the race kicked off, Obama with his catchy campaign, "Yes, we can!" was leading it. He was seen as a sign of change, a new hope to all Americans and possibly the world; thanx to his skin colour (he's not even pure black for heaven sake... So is Hamilton.). In fact, I have to admit that I was somehow optimistic with his capability and eloquence, that he would lead America to a better future. A new era for America. Hail Obama. The first black American president, in a country that is widely known as the world's 'peacekeeper' and trend maker.

Hallo?? 1400 years ago, our most beloved Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W. had led the way. He had shown us how. He appointed Ziad ibn Harithah r.a., a black man, to lead one of the biggest and most significant war in the history of Islam. Rasulullah S.A.W. appointed Ziad's son, Usamah, at a very young and tender age, to command the warriors of Islam against the biggest and most feared armies at that time; the Roman empire. And he didn't dissapoint. Open your eyes, people...!! Free up your mind...!! Can't you see it just yet...??

If you are still not convinced, don't worry, I still have Bilal. Bilal ibn Rabah r.a. was one of Rasulullah S.A.W.'s sahabi who was guaranteed a place in the jannah, whom before Islam was revealed was a mere black slave to Umayyah, possibly the lowest position a human being could ever hold during the Jahiliyyah era of Mekah. And guess what?? After he embraced Islam, Rasulullah S.A.W. gave him the biggest honour anyone could dream of; calling people to worship the one God, the truly God, Allahu A'zza wa Jalla. See how Rasulullah S.A.W. had alleviated an ex-slave's position in the society just like that? He had shown us the way. Rasulullah S.A.W. was indeed the truest and the gretaest leader of all time.

And here we are, all fussed and excited and enthusiastic about a black man who for the first time in the American history is appointed to the highest position in the country. Remember, America is the same country that just a hundred years back was hostile and full with hatred towards Obama's ancestors. That a few decades back still practiced preferential treatment based on the colour of your skin. And here were are, celebrating and sharing the euphoria of the Americans who claim themselves are always leading by example, the most democratic and just society. Probably they should go to the library, find an encyclopedia and have a good look at Islamic history. Then they will feel ashamed.

Home run.


p/s I: The only moral value that I can possibly think from Obama's and Hamilton's victory, that we Muslims can probably consider - NEVER be afraid to dream, even if it's the wildest one. Nothing is impossible. =)

p/s II: But then, come to think about it, with Obama's connection with the Zionists and Hamilton's 'casanovaic' characteristic and what not, I don't they would be a good role model or us, Muslims. If you really need one, there were hundreds of sahabi and tabi' tabiin and ulama' who can really fit the picture. Voila! Like honestly, rite...? *grin grin grin*

2 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Bash 21/12/2008, 02:35  

lewis hamilton look so irresistably hot in the picture btw..

*ops* not a right place to utter that?

NALQAH 23/01/2013, 16:55  


Boleh bagi ayat AL-Quran di mana nama Zaid b Al-Harith disebut? Terima kasih dengan info ini. Tak perasan :)

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

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