14 March 2011

Though I Don't Speak Japanese, My Heart Is With You Japan

Ok, i't probably a little bit too late for me to write this. But then, better late than never eh..?


I believe all of you are too aware of this fact; Japan was hit by an 8.9 Richter magnitude earthquake last Friday, which also resulted in 10m high Tsunami. Up until today, 1,800 people have perished as a consequent. 10,000 more are reported missing and feared dead.

The Acheh's tsunami in 2004 flashed into everyone's mind when we first heard about Japan. During that catastrophe, more than 200,000 killed and until today, there are bodies remained unidentified. The memory of Acheh (and other places affected by the disaster) is still fresh in our mind that we find it somewhat shocking for something even bigger to occur in Japan.

8.9 Richter in other countries could have destroyed the whole nation. If that were to take place here in Malaysia, I'm not surprised if KLCC or KL Tower to crumble in a second. But as Japan has always been prepared for such mishap, the aftermath is relatively minimal. Note that the word 'tsunami' itself originated from Japanese; that's how used the Japanese people are to nature's wrath.

Even so, no one expected the earthquake to be such ferocious, completely destroying Sendai and Fukushima, to name a few. Some of the villages are totally flattened by the tsunami. Now one nuclear plant has exploded and another one is being put under red alert. I can go on and on about the sufferings the Japanese have to endure, but that's not the point I'm writing this.


I have raised this before and I'm going to raise this again. How sure are we, Malaysians, that such calamity won't befall on us? And if one day, Allah decides to test us with such atrocious disaster, are we prepared for it..? Nau'dzubillah.. Are we that obedient that all this while, Allah has protected us from such mishap? That we are safe and sound in our beloved country, that nothing could touch us..?

It's an utmost inconsideration for anyone to say that whatever happened to Japan is a sign of God's wrath. That's rude and stupid. If Allah wants to show His anger through natural disaster, then we, the Muslims should suffer first. The catastrophe should have befallen on the Muslims majority country. Why? Because being a Muslim, we have failed to fulfill our duty and obligation. We are a mere Muslim, when what we should be is a muslim. 

And Malaysia should be one of those who would be badly hit. Real bad. Claiming ourselves to be a Muslim country, honestly, I don't see anything Islam about this nation! Pppfffttt..!

Yesterday, someone posted this super stupid cartoon in Facebook, saying the cartoon came from Berita Minggu (Berita Harian's Sunday version). The cartoon depicted Ultraman running away from an incoming tsunami. How insensitive and rude is that..?? How would we feel, if one day we were to be hit by typhoon or Noah's flood or something, and the Japanese make fun out of it? At least they are very well-behaved and very civilised even in the midst of such confused situation. If similar incident were to happen in Malaysia, trust me, it would be a true chaos. Not so much of the aftermath, but more on the government's response and people's reaction. Classic.

Not that I'm asking for it. Nau'dzubillah.. Don't get me wrong. This is just to refute those nincompoops who argued that the Japanese (or any other nations for that matter) deserved the calamity for being non-believers or whatever fish. Errrggghhh. 

Whatever it is, our hearts are with you, Japanese people. You have been there for us when we needed help (Highland Tower tragedy). We hope we can offer our helping hands to ease your sufferings. Our prayers are definitely with all of you, Insha-Allah.

To ikhwah and akhawat in Japan, la tahzan, la takhaf, innallaha ma'akum. In fact, to put it rather bluntly, you guys should be rejoicing for Allah has chosen you people to encounter such trial and tribulation. Is it not a fact that He will only test those whom He loves..? ;) Be patient and make du'as. And our du'as and loves are there for all of you. Allahu musta'akum!



Dumek, Neng, Cyborg ngan Toye, jangan nakal-nakal kat sana. Tolong-tolonglah penduduk Jepun tu mana yang mampu. Aku harap korang semua selamat and ok kat sana. Kalau ada pape yang kitorang boleh tolong kat sini, jangan segan-segan bagitau, iAllah kitorang tolong mana yang termampu.. ;) 

Benarlah manusia hanya mampu merancang. Semaju-maju negara Jepun tu pon, boleh ranap dan musnah dalam sekelip mata, tersungkur pada kekuasaanNya yang Maha Esa! Kun fayakun..! 

6 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Anonymous 14/03/2011, 16:20  

"Dumek, Neng, Cyborg ngan Toye, jangan nakal-nakal kat sana."

jaga diri baik-baik ya... selamat pulang bila2 boleh pulang...

Anonymous 14/03/2011, 22:22  

our heart wif japan...
more ibrah of heartwarming scenes can be read from here
muslim heart in d figure of nonmuslim...
in d name of humanity n unity,ganbare nippon

itachi 15/03/2011, 07:20  

semoga semuanya dlm p'lindungan Dia.
ada bce sket link yg fati2411 post tu. mmg t'sentuh

Inche gabbana 15/03/2011, 08:43  

enonimus: =) btol2. jaga diri leklok. makan minum jaga. berdisiplin mcm org2 jepun yg len.. ^^

Inche gabbana 15/03/2011, 08:45  

fati2411: walaupun kebanyakan daripada rakyat Jepun tidak percaya pada Tuhan, tetapi hidup mereka sgt teratur, nilai2 yg ada pada mereka lebih Islam daripada kita ni..! camne tu...??

byk boleh belajar daripada kejadian ni.. allahu a'lam.

Inche gabbana 15/03/2011, 08:45  

itachi: iAllah. ada hikmahnya ni.. ;)

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