7 October 2010

The Most Powerful Women on Earth

Forbes has named the 100 most powerful women for 2010. Michelle Obama, the First-Lady of the US has been crowned the most powerful of all. She is trailed by Irene Rosenfield, Kraft's CEO (you surely are familiar with Kraft's cheese right..?) and Oprah Winfrey, that vogue woman. Other notables include Angela Merkel (4th), Hillary Clinton (5th), Indira Nooyi (PepsiCo's CEO, 7th), Melinda Gates, yes, Bill Gates' wify (27th), Ho Ching, Temasek Holding's CEO (30th) and Queen Elizabeth II (41st). 

And surprise, surprise. Our own First-Lady, the most revered (or perhaps feared/hated..?) Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is not in the list. Being probably the most powerful person (Note: Person and not Woman) in Malaysia, it's quite surprising that she does not make it to the list. Perhaps she is all too powerful that even Forbes just could not handle it..? Heh.. 

She may not be the most powerful woman on earth, but in other planets perhaps..?
For me a powerful woman doesn't have to be manly, or looks as if she is above everyone else. A powerful woman can be very gentle, loving and soft,  with all the womanly characteristics, and yet is able to influence people around her. In fact, a very wise and powerful woman would resort to what a woman is known best for; the motherly-sisterly approach as her greatest weapon to make others kowtow her. The best part is, no one actually realizes that she is significantly influencing others through her compassionate gestures. That is very powerful indeed. 

No wonder in Islam, however powerful a man is, he still has to obey to one woman; his own mama. And those men who do not heed to this one golden rule of thumb, will not have a blessed life. Men who do not take care of their mamas when they have grown old and helpless, will have a wretched life. Trust me they will. If not in this world, then lets wait in the hereafter.

After all, sorga itu terletak di bawah telapak kaki ibu eh? And of course, the famous hadith of the 5 people one should respect most, all the 3 top positions go to mothers. The Chairman, the CEO and the CFO are all women. So yes, women are indeed powerful.

My tribute to all mothers in this world. You guys rock! And to my mum, if you happen to read this, I Love you mama! ;) (eh macam tulis artikel untuk Mother's Day la pulak kan..? ^^")

p/s: Go to www.forbes.com/powerwomen for the full list, if you are interested that is. 


2 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Yutaka Mushimura 23/12/2010, 15:49  

mum memang very happening...


Anonymous 18/09/2014, 08:57  

Apa pangkat seorang menantu kepada mertua, n seorang isteri kepada suami... Maaf saya baru dalam islam...

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