4 March 2009

Bulu Kaki

Ha, korang mesti terkujat kan baca tajuk post aku kali ni?


It is meant to be like that.

And if you guys did terkujat, or terkezut, or tersedak for that matter, than I have succeeded.

*evil grin*

Ok, actually, title tue takde ah langsung takde kena mengena dengan apa yang aku nak tulis. Banyak je sebenarnya... Lets start with we tend to be intrigued or attracted to trivial and not-so-important matters, as compared to more serious and pressing issues. I think everyone agrees with me on this. Sensual and isu-isu yang panas dan menggegarkan lebih senang nak pull the crowd, instead of dull and monotonous ones eh? No wonder tabloids like Metro (both London Metro and Malaysia Metro), err, London Lite, London Paper and ntah pape lagi la, always have catchy front page. Why? Because it sells.

Well, then it brings us to the real discussion. Kenapa kita lagi mudah terpedaya atau senang teruja apabila bercakap, berbincang dan berdebat tentang isu-isu picisan yang kadang kala langsung tidak membawa faedah kepada kita, apa lagi ummah secara keseluruhannya? Or to put it in another way, why we always or tend to do and to think about petty and trivial stuff when we've got more important things to settle? No? Come on, admit it!

Things like; Facebooking (zaasss....!!), eBaying, even blogging (even more oucchhh!!!)... Have you ever asked yourself, are these things really important, well not to myself, but to Islam? To my fellow brothers and sisters? And even if you were to evaluate the importance of all these duniawi(s) to yourself, you will be ashamed of how insignificant they are to your self-development.

And how about busying yourself with trivial questions that you already know the answers, but still you want to fill up your brains with them?? Hari ni nak mandi ke tak? Should I go to this and that lecture? Hari ni nak masak apa? Today what should I wear to impress this and that person? Oh boy... In fact, it is very very devasvtating and embarrassing that sometimes, most of the times actually, we'll get stressed out just thinking about all these nonsense.

Today, in our weekly discussion and gathering, Dahlia higlighted several super important points on our greater priorities in life. Yes, we've got a lot of priorities and especially as a student, we think we have amanah to our sponsor, parents and the taxpayer. And not to make you guys even more pening kepala, we'll be having a hell lot more of priorities in the not-so-near future. Work, family, anak-anak, cari makan, kereta, rumah.... Woo...

Yet, above all these, we've got even more imporant priorities. That it our responsible to Allah. Kan hidup kita kat dunia ni hanya untuk beribadah kepada Allah? Do we want to be a respectful and honorable Khalifah in this dunia, or a disgrace and rebellious robot...? Hhmmm... Robot? Why robot ah? Because a robot is created with a purpose. Probably purposes. But does the robot know that purpose, why is he created? If he doesn't, then he'll be doomed and when he eventually realises it, it's probably too late for him to fulfil his duty. When his master decides to pull out the plug, the source of his lifeline, the robot is nothing but a metal scrap. Useless.

So, kita nak jadi macam robot ke? Yang tak tahu tujuan hidupnya dijadikan? Or we want to uphold the honor Allah has bestowed upon us, as the rightful Khalifah to bring peace, prosperity and justice to the earth? Yet, even when we have acknowledged this, do we really put our best efforts in realising it? Coz most of us know about it or at least have heard about it. Tapi pelik, most of us do not quickly and urgently act upon this valuable knowledge. Instead, we still prefer to use our time and energy to fulfil our worldly desires.

But we also know that everyone will one day die. No matter how important you are, or how rich and wealthy and strong and powerful you are, death is something for certain. As certain as if I were to poke you with a sharp razor, you'll groan in pain. As certain as today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday. Yes, death can come and grab your life anytime Allah wants it to happen. And you can't appeal, you can't do anything to stop it from happening. Just imagine when the time comes for you to die and you still haven't fulfilled the purpose of you being created in this world. Shame isn't it? Memalukan!

And it's not like you didn't submit your homework on the deadline. That, if it happens, at least you know you can improve next time. Or you won't repeat it again. There'e always a second chance. But death? Haa... Life in this dunia is temporal period whereas the life in the hereafter is abadan abadaa. You reap what you sow. If the seeds you sow in this dunia are the best one, you'll reap the most delicious and scrumptious fruits in the akhirah. If the seeds you sow in this world are jahiliyyah, wasting time gossipping with friends, eating from haram sources, backbiting, slandering, not even trying to call people to al-falah and warn them against the evil, you'll surely reap jahannam in the akhirah. Wal iyadzubillah...

So... Do we care more about bulu kaki or have we done enough to enjoin good and forbid evil? Are we more concerned on whether we have studied enough for the next major examination or the fate of our brothers and sisters in Gaza? Are we more worried about what to have for lunch tomorrow or whether we are going to be held accountable for not being able to spread the words of Allah? Ask yourself.

Allahu a'lam.


1 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Syasya 27/04/2012, 02:41  

Cait...do u think it's easy to figure out what to cook for your family? Nk masak ape tu soklan cepumas tw x? A mother thinks hard on what to cook ok? is it nutritious enough? is it delicious? and pahala byk tw x klu masak tok keluarga? what she cooks for her children today may reflect who they are in the future ok? nk tw knp? Sila bca buku tips2 kesihatan Rasulullah SAW sbb klu sy nk explain disini..wow..sangatlah pjg. sekian. :)

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