29 November 2008

down memory lane

Salam everyone! ;)

This is one post that I have been postponing to write, for some unknown mysterious reasons.. Hehe.. In truth, I have been longing to write it, coz there's so much to write, there's so much to share and there's so much to reminisce. Yet, there's so little time for me to do everything in one go. Excuse excuse excuse... ;p

Well, where shall I start...? Yep, let me introduce my school first! Aku sekolah dulu 5 tahun kat Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh (a.k.a. STAR). Sape tak pernah dengar nama sekolah tue, sila angkat tangan...! (*wham*smack*) Rite.. One thing I would like to point out about this school that you lots often got it wrong is the name the school was honored after. It was the first Agong, TUANKU Abdul Rahman that my school was named after, and NOT after our Bapa Kemerdekaan, TUNKU Abdul Rahman. It never failed to annoy me whenever people got it wrong. So please get it right this time, people...! Ok, aku tak nak cite panjang-panjang la kan, pasal sejarah sekolah nih. Kalau korang nak tau jugak, silalah rujuk buku ulangkaji sejarah terbitan Sasbadi versi ke-5 cetakan kelapan... Hehehe... Tak pon, log on je to its website. Kat Wikipedia pon ada actually.. Cool huh? ;)

Nak dijadikan cerita la kan, bapak aku old boy. So there was this one day, after the UPSR results were already out (...and yes, I was among the thousands who managed to secure 5 A's), aku ngan mak bapak aku pergi STAR, sebab bapak aku ada occasion. I can't remember what exactly was it, but that was my first time going to STAR. Before that, pernah lalu tepi je and I remember my dad was saying, "Ha, tue la sekolah papa dulu..."

To be honest, aku agak terkezut dengan keadaan sekolah yang dah reput tue. Memang flabbergasted la jugak... Astaka buruk gile, toilet kotor and the whole school macam ancient sangat. So I made a point to my parents yang whatever it is, whatever offer yang aku dapat (time tue macam dah sangat yakin dapat masuk SBP la kan... ;p), aku TAK NAK masuk STAR. Coz I couldn't simply imagine how am I supposed to survive in this harsh and miserable place. Anak manja la katakan...

So yeah, my parents did accept my request. Besides, bapak aku nie bukan jenis pull pull string. In fact, he hates it. So he didn't use his quota as an Old Boy, which by right, I could simply be enrolled into STAR without a formal offer form the MoE. Hhmmm, so I thought, okaaayyyy! Thats settled then!

And then, you know, as the saying goes, God knows best. My destiny has already been decided, even long before I was born. The day yang result SBP keluar tue, my friend nie, called and excitedly told me that I got an offer from SDAR (Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak). Or at least, that was what I thought he was saying. Tapi bila aku tanya dia balik dengan nada ala-ala Teletubbies yang happy bergumbira, "SDAR Seremban?", jawapan yang aku terima ibarat petir membelah dada... Hehehe... He said, "Tak, bukan SDAR. STAR, Ipoh..." *gedebush*

What an amazing introduction to an amazing 5 years life in the one of the most amazing places on earth. *wink* That shall be it for now. Insha-Allah, I'll write more in the future, coz there's so much to tell and share! Enough for me to say for now that my 5 years in STAR were very much responsible for who and what am I today. =) And I believe, my comrades out there would have a lot to say and share as well! Together, we'll make 'Once a STARIAN, always a STARIAN,' alive... *big grin*


Misses his good old days so much...

5 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Kenangan Lalu 29/11/2008, 19:13  


God said "Jangan nak ngader-ngader~!!!"

Well, for what its worth, Im glad it turned out that way~

Inche gabbana 29/11/2008, 21:09  

Hehehe... I know.. He knows best!! And yep, i was and am still glad that it turned out just that way.... =)

dahlia 02/12/2008, 07:50  

it's amazing how it's all been planned out. and who is to deny that if you didn't go to STAR, you'd probably not be able to meet ME. haha! think about it. on another note, my time at secondary school was truly my most formative years. i learnt the meaning of sacrifice, leadership and perseverence there. :D

Inche gabbana 03/12/2008, 15:39  

Hahaha... can't agree more with u, dahlia!! Allah always knows BEST. In fact, this verse immediately crossed my mind when I first read your comment:

"...But perhaps you hate a thing that is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing that is bad for you. And whatever you do of good - indeed, Allah is knowing of it." 2:216.


hadzhamdan 04/12/2008, 03:45  

huhu...dulu pun slalu terkonpius pasal STAR nih..
tak sangka produk STAR rupenyer..
anyway..kelakar plak entry nih..best2!!

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