9 November 2011

Super Saiya Pekan Koboi


 "The boy Icarus. Do you remember the Story?

Icarus' father made some wings that he fastened with wax. 'Never fly but so high with these wings,' the father said. But soaring around, this way, that way, Icarus' flying pleased him so that he began thinking he was flying on his own merit. Higher, he flew - higher - until the heat of the sun melted the wax holding those wings. And down came Icarus - tumbling.

 Standing there by that Harvard window, I silently vowed to Allah that I never would forget that any wings I wore had been put on by the religion of Islam. That fact I never have forgotten...not for one second."

- Malcolm X a.k.a. El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

*Source: Malcolm X and Alex Haley, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, pp 395

He was a very fine chap, Malcolm X. Probably one of the best examples of how Allah's guidance, loves and blessings can really change a man, from one extreme to the another. He used to be a thug; yet I'd say thug is actually an understatement. 

He was covered by the dirtiest mud, and was living in the darkest and deepest abyss, before Islam came and rescued him. He fully, wholly embraced the deen and since then, he never, not even a single moment, looked back. 

But Allah loved him more; his life was cut short when he was assassinated in 1965, due to jealousy and greed that had overpowered some of those evil beings. I wonder what the world, especially the United States, would and could have become if life had not been so cruel to this amazing and awesome man.

Malcolm, rest in peace. Thank you, even your life as a Muslim was a short one, that very period could not have been more beneficial and great a lesson to all of us. I pray that may Allah grant you the eternal bliss and I long and dream to see you in one of His many gardens. Amin.


I highly recommend 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' to all of you out there, especially those who call themselves du'at.

Watch this space; you'd be pleasantly surprised that you'll find tremendous amount of valuable lessons on dakwah and tarbiyyah from this man. Cheers.

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KangAroo mali 09/11/2011, 10:15  

InsyaAllah akan cari buku ni.. Mula tahu pasal Malcolm bila tgok dokumentari The Arrival of Antichrist.. Rase segan.. Hidup Malcolm yg singkat sbg Muslim ada impak pada society taPi diri yg claim sbg duat maseh ciput2 lagi..

Anonymous 10/11/2011, 04:03  

salam wrt,
mcm dah lama tak terbaca tentang post refleksi diri dan purification of soul. macam rindu pulak. eh. ape kaitan dengan malcolm X? XD

Unknown 10/11/2011, 09:29  

Saya pnh tgk documentari dia, and how he transformed from a strict nationalist muslim to an universal muslim after he went for hajj.

An awesome guy.

Even kat sini, in my uni pon ada subjek khas untuk dia "The thoughts of Malcolm X"

Kool tak hehe?

Anonymous 10/11/2011, 16:15  

en gabbana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok saja nak komen sebab lama sgt nak tunggu post baru...

elyse 11/11/2011, 16:09  

translation dlm BM takda ke

dora 12/11/2011, 00:46  

another great black man..rasanya bilal al-rabah mesti muka mcm mr malcom ni:)

hambaNya 12/11/2011, 06:14  

salam wbt.
i was browsing around about him after reading this article. he's a great logam and speaker indeed. how even a short lifespan could bring a great change. just bought his autobiography few mins ago. semoga Allah redha.

just fyi, you can buy books with free shipping worldwide at www.bookdepository.com. i'd bought this one at only 15aud.


Anonymous 15/11/2013, 21:16  

boleh tak bagi cover page utk buku ni? or bagi link je ke. try dah google tapi banyak sgt yang keluar. taktau yang mana satu.

jazaakallah khair

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