12 January 2009

You know there is something wrong with you when...

Lately, I have been writing a lot on the current Palestinian crisis. And I really mean A LOT (I never actually wrote on the same issue for several posts in a row!). I just can't help but to think and think and think about it. How can you sit down and be contented with yourself, when your dear brothers and sisters are fighting for their lives every single second of the day...? How can you sit down and relax, doing nothing when your brothers of the same belief, the same aqidah are being slaughtered and massacred worst even than the animals...?? How can you are still having fun, partying and enjoying your life as if there is no tomorrow, when they, the Palestinians couldn't even find a proper shelter, couldn't fill up their tummy with even a slice of bread....??? Dude...

And up till now, I simply couldn't understand people who don't have the slightest concern, let alone empathy on plights endured by our fellow brothers and sisters in Gaza. Worst, Muslims who actually wrote articles codemning the Palestinians for provoking the Israelis, hence the crisis. Muslims who seem couldn't even bother to have the slightest sympathy on children, woman and the elders being killed in this worst humanitarian crisis sice 40 years. What the fish??? Ya rabbi... Thus, I come out with this post...

10 Signs of You Being Such an Ignorant of the Palestinian Crisis.

  1. You don't even have the slightest idea what is happening in Gaza at the moment.
  2. You don't donate a single cent to any charity organisations meant to help the Palestinians, but you don't mind indulging yourself in lavish shopping sprees.
  3. You don't join a single, not even one protest or any demonstrations against the atrocities of the Zionists (only applicable to UK people, because there were and still are lots of demonstrations going around...).
  4. You are pretty certain that the Israelis are doing the right thing, that they are just defending their safety and integrity.
  5. You think Hamas should be blamed in this crisis.
  6. You couldn't be bothered to update yourself with the latest situation in Gaza.
  7. You quickly turn away whenever someone approaches about this crisis or you instinctively avoid any articles, writings or anything to do with Palestine.
  8. You still drink Coca-Cola, smoke Malboro, wear Hugo Boss, eat McDonalds and chew Chipsmore.
  9. You do not mention the Palestinians in your du'a. It doesn't even cross your mind to offer a single supplication for them.
  10. You don't even know where and what Gaza is...

Hope this will open up your eyes, at least a bit...

Allahu a'lam.


7 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Nisyana Abdul 18/01/2009, 02:50  

Adam, are u sure cadbury pun yahudi? because i once thot ianya yahudi punye barang. tapi takde pulak proof. so i continue buying cadbury's products.

and ada ber bar2 choc dalam bilik ni. nak tau ah, kalau betul ianya kepunyaan yahudi atau menyumbang kepada yahudi...

Inche gabbana 18/01/2009, 05:03  

Uhm... Xpe, nnt org check balik. Jzkk anis! ;)

Inche gabbana 19/01/2009, 01:33  

aiyo... ble check balik, mcm xde je Cadbury dlm list. Xpe, daripada bwat fitnah yang x bersumber, baik org edit post nih!!

thanx anis btw, for the comment!

Nisyana Abdul 19/01/2009, 21:37  

No problemo.

Anonymous 21/01/2009, 01:49  


Just want to share this song about Gaza. Lebih bersemangat lepas dengar lagu ni.



Anonymous 22/01/2009, 10:09  

you'll b surprised, really to learn at how ignorant some msians are. and mind u, this is an ustazah talking. "Eh kamu tau kenapa org Israel tu serang org Palestin?...sbb org Palestin tu 'pengotor'..kencing merata-rata!" ...Astaghfirullah.

what can u say? bila dituturkan oleh org yg diharapkan memberi kefahaman yg betul tntg agama yg kita cintai ini.

sesungguhnya tgjwb menyebarkan islam bukan terletak pd ustaz ustazah shj. malah juga pd engineers, lawyers, doctors, accountants yg telah memahami islam yg syumul ini.. coz u r a muslim long before u r an engineer, doctor etc...

Anonymous 12/09/2011, 13:51  

maaf,, mohon share...

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Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan demikian itulah kemenangan yang Agung."

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