17 January 2009

Boros Poros Moros...!!!

I have got this problem, and it has been plaguing me for quite a sometime already. Ok, probably problem is an understatement (misunderstatement if Bush were to put it.. lol). Disease is probably a more suitable noun to describe my current internal crisis. Oh god...

I am a big spender (not that thing you wear to cover your under stairs, you fool...), and I really mean BIG. But my biggest problem is that, I can be a reckless spender sometimes. Reckless and hasty. Reckless and hasty and stupid. What a cool combination huh? I know I don't have that much of money in hands, yet I often forget that. Whenever I see things that capture my desire, I will quickly do some calculations up there in my head and the equation that comes out is always the same: just do it! Only to regret it later.

Although I can say I am a rational consumer, in the sense that I don't just by things without actually thoroughly checking upon them first and doing some comparisons at different shops, there were times when I wish I had not buy this and that. I think, if I were to gather all my house mates' clothes and shoes, mine will still be greater in number. There was this one time, a good friend actually laughed and he said he never came across a person like me, just because I have two belts! Thats how bad people perceive my spending habits. And I know, there are people who do not entirely agree with how I manage my money. I guess I have to agree with them. The money I have is not mine, if you know what I mean. Ideally, they should be spent on things that can benefit not just myself, but people around me as well. But again, it's easier said than done. Oh well...

I know I know...

"Indeed, the wasteful are brothers of the devils, and ever has the Satan been to his Lord ungrateful." 17:27

Yet, when it comes to spending money on some good stuff, I guess that is my biggest weakness. I just can't stop myself from satiating my desires and wants. O Lord... Probably I AM an irrational consumer after all.

Is there a course or something where they can teach me to manage my money and spending habits? Like the one you have for anger? Sigh...

Please guide me, O Allah.


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Ahmad Zharif Ahmad Zahir 18/01/2009, 01:43  

everything tht has been done cannot be undone....hahahahah :p

mine is even worse, i once believed that money is just numbers, they increase, decrease or even fluctuate over a period of time .......without taking into acc tht it has value attached to it...... hahaha, smp laa ble dah muflis then baru meraung sorg2 n merayu2 mintak subsidi org tua...hahah gle hopeless....

pemburu syurga 18/01/2009, 02:17  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nisyana Abdul 18/01/2009, 02:47  

hoho... orang dengan dua tali pinggang mmg tak pernah dengar lagi... :P

InsyaAllah...having an unease conscience means Allah still wants to guide you... that's what i once heard... atau dalam bahasa melayunya, rasa berdosa itu bagus, tanda Allah masih sayang. supaya kita balik ke pangkal jalan.

so, pangkal jalan dalam your case adalah mengurangkan berbelanja...
rasenye takyah gi those shopping streets sangat kot... i don't make it a habit, to go to town. sbb kalau g, ade je tendency nak beli-belah.. and takyah bukak ebay or amazon..kecuali ade keperluan sejati...

and ultimate solution is always Allah...so, mohonla pertolongan dengan solat dan sabar...
bersabar dari berbelanja dan solat untuk meneguhkan kesabaran anda itu..

hehe..terpanjang pulak...biaselah, pernah jugak ade time2 boros...

selamat berjaya si pemilik dua tali pinggang! hehe.

pemburu syurga 18/01/2009, 03:09  

salam wbt,

cuba cari alternatif mcm mn nk habiskan duit tu=) jgn jadi mcm aku sudah lah

Inche gabbana 18/01/2009, 05:04  

hehehe... xtau nak ckp ape dah... time kasih sume, atas nasihat/motivasi/dorongan yg diberikan. IAllah akan cuba yg terbaik ntok ubah sikap nih.. X suka pon.. huhu..

p/s: waqi, knapa delete comment? baguih ape nasihat ko tuh...

Unknown 18/01/2009, 10:07  

takpa..mana2 yg tlebih bli tu bley donate kasi org...

Anonymous 18/01/2009, 16:23  


Alhamdulillah, He has showed u the very first step i.e realising the problem.

Banyak bende bley buat sebenar nyer but my personal advice is (only applicable for people yg mmg takley ade duit..mesti nak spend jugak kalau ade duit)dpt je duit, sila buat calculation and tolak duit necessaties (extra cloths/expensive food etc etc are not necessaties just in case you've forgotten..huhu) And duit lebih tue boleh la infakkan kat mana2..kerja2 Islam amat memerlukan duit itu..


-yg tgh memerlukan duit-

Inche gabbana 19/01/2009, 01:37  

to kiambang: hehehe.. suah tuh nak bwat... ;p

to just me: dh bwah dpo. mmg awal2 je dpt duit, troskan asing ntok semua keperluan wajib. yang berlebih tue yg jd prob... huhu.. iAllah, kena muhasabah diri lg nih!

jazakumullah khair semua! ;)

Anonymous 19/01/2009, 03:12  

spend more..in the way of Allah.

Anonymous 22/01/2009, 09:49  

Doa seorg khalifah (not sure which one) "Ya Allah, jadikan DUNIA itu di TANGANKU tapi bukan di HATIKU". And that's the hardest part actually sbb what happen is always the other way round. Duit takde pun, tapi hati nak itu nak ini..;)I'm still trying myself.. Moga Allah tunjuk jln agar Dunia bukan matlamatku tapi hanya Jalan menuju Matlamatku!

dahlia 23/01/2009, 03:06  

eh i have THREE belts. muahahaha. but you know the most direct way (and sometimes the most difficult) to not feel attached to such things is to tell yourself you don't need them. donate away the clothes you never used since-you-first-landed! islamic relief, etc. i'm sure our bros & sis need it more than you or i. the internet is evil. do something physical like cooking more (hehe) or cleaning your two-wheels or reading or cleaning the house or buying presents for people. it helps to be preoccupied. and always realise the currency of the Hereafter is good deeds. so change your perception of what is most valuable to a Muslim.

there you go. my 20 pounds sterling worth. ;)

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