29 May 2008

That's it! I'm DONE! *grin*

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficient and The Most Merciful.

All praises be upon Him, the Lord of the Worlds, the One and the Only Worthy Worshiping God.

There is NO God but Allah, and Muhammad Rasulullah is His messenger.

I am a happy man. Well, at least until now. I finished my paper yesterday, with somewhat a high note. I started off with Economics, which many considered as the toughest paper of all. I just can't agree more. The paper was so freaking difficult, there were some of us who actually cried immediately after the exam! And then came Mathematical Method. It was much much better than Economics, in the sense I could do almost all the questions asked (man.... there were too many questions I didn't know how to do for Econs... Subhanallah...Bantai la labu!). It boosted my confidence in one way or another. Then I had Statistics last Tuesday, which I was ill prepared for. Since the beginning of this academic year, Stats has been the least favourite subject off all. So I neglected it all the way till the end. My bad! But Alhamdulillah, my last minute preparations did pay off, if not much, at least a lil' bit. And yes, yesterday, I had Economics History. I would say, I was not THAT prepared, considering you have to read a lot and memorize all sort of factual numbers and events. Besides, Econs History was immediately after Stats, so I didn't have that much time to prepare. I remember, asking from Allah in my prayers, so that He would make my life easy. And there you go, when the invigilator announced we can start answering questions, I had a quick look on all the questions. SUBHANALLAH! Out of the two of ten essays I had to choose, there were exactly two which I was considerably prepared for! Especially this question on Africa! Like all the facts were in my head! Man... Apa lagi?? I wrote frantically, as if I had never written one before! Hehe... I was so grateful and relieved! In fact, I still am. ;)

Econs History has got to be the best paper of all. What a way to end you exam huh!

I am indeed, a happy man.

All praises be upon Him, all praises be upon Him, all praises be upon Him.

Insha-allah, I'll start writing actively again!

p/s: To all my dearest friends who were always there for me; teaching me, supporting me and even cooking for me, thank you, from the bottom of my heart...


2 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

farhana 02/06/2008, 09:34  

good to know alhamdulillah. please pray my last paper ends with the same cheerful note.

farhana 02/06/2008, 09:34  
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-At Taubah, 9:111

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