25 May 2008

modern knowledge

Allahumma solli 'ala Muhammad.

the canon of modern knowledge is not very sound for it relies of the transmitter more than other aspect of the knowledge. knowledge in the modern world has undergone weird re-interpretation, according to the Western secular regime, where the body of knowledge has been made dry in the guise of 'objectivity' and they turn into mere physical observations of the world around the human self.
in the modern academia, the procedure of arriving at new knowledge stands on a very unsound basis, in that human discovers new knowledge based on the earlier findings of academicians in the particular area, and it seems that this happens with a tacit ignorance, rather than agreement, to the fact that the procedure takes place with the presupposition that the whole bulk of the resources being used as reference is 'knowledge'. mere ability to point out exactly to previous works of ready works in the academic world is not only , but also uncritical and rather ignorant, at least procedurally. just because Professor XY had proven so in his work 'W:S H J Kaoeinmni', published by SXG Publication, Year 1987, does not mean that the information that he had derived or managed to collect together is sound knowledge. this process of 'taklid'
[of Islamic origin] does not mean that the content of his work is either reliable or referrable. indeed it is a mere opinion on his part and being adept in the academic world, he managed to don his assertion with proof and evidence, and sufficient suasions, so as to render his work of acceptable quality in the modern academic world.
and this may have some nexus with the manner in which people set their mind when they are about to embark on the journey of finding knowledge. out of their arrogance, they already have a preset destination or conclusion that they want to achieve in finding the knowledge. for example, in studying subject ABC, they might want to show that the person who comes with the bases of the subject was not right, and lost in such vigour of ambitions, they mar the adab of finding knowledge and they start becoming very selective of the information they are willing and ready to receive and embrace as knowledge to them. the result is there exists a whole dimension of the academic world where researchers and academicians are only interested in finding knowledge that they deem suitable with their opinion and theory that they are trying to prove, instead of the pure state which should be the aim: the real truth hidden among the many nominal truths [which are mere opinions] out there.
and so is the story of the modern knowledge. people seek to tell what they think is the truth, instead of trying to find what truth really is, free of motives.

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-At Taubah, 9:111

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