3 March 2008

oh man its roti canai

man was i thankful to God i was finally inspired to make a proper roti canai yesterday.
this is the real thing i have been dreaming to make and eat for like ages.
yeah yeah. peeps will go: 'so wo'? you can get it at MSD' but yeah mate, aint the same.
the little thingy from msd is so overrated. it's small. it's not fluffy. and the last thing i want is two pieces for GBPy , which translates into MYR 7y.
and above all, it was flying..yeah that damn roti was flying...i did it...
here is a picture of it...wey roti telur some more you know...


3 Caci Maki Puji Muji:

Anonymous 04/03/2008, 01:18  

wahhhh.....gerekkk sey!!! gud job bro!!! but how does it taste....ngeheee!!! ade org cakap....kite nih mmg menggedik kan... if we r in mesia, i dun thnk we even bother to eat roti canai....ahahaha, but this scrumptious food is irresistible here!!....heeee....do u mind to cook for me....ngeheeeeeee......gemok gemok!!!

Inche gabbana 04/03/2008, 07:33  

well man it is one whole *ho*e of a good thang
but i didn't manage to cook any gravvy (lentil/ dal or even curry)
malas sedikit la

Inche gabbana 05/03/2008, 08:10  

gabbana said..

OMG!!!! r u for real...?? Freaking roti canai...?? like WOW!!! *speechless*

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