28 March 2008


First let me apologise for the lack of updates lately. Just got back from vacation... ;) And since then, I was kinda, well, let just put it as lazy, to write new entry in this blog...

I guess the time for a fresh article has come! =)

I watched 'Dead Poets Society' last Monday. The main reason why I watched it is simply because Robin Williams stars in it. I just LOVE him! Well, that's a side issue that I might want to discuss later on. ;)

In this movie, one phrase that almost all the main characters keep saying and repeating is carpe diem, a Latin word meaning 'seize the day'.

So... There's this particular scene that intrigues me the most. I think of all scenes, this one has left a deep impact on me.

In this scene, a group of students was asked to gather by Mr. Keating (Williams) outside the classroom; one of his many unorthodox ways of teaching. He then asked 3 of his students to walk around. First, all of them walked at a different pace. One of them was slow and another was fast. You know what I mean. Then somehow, they managed to harmonise their pace and steps. Keating said this exercise is "..to illlustrate the point of conformity. The difficulty of maintaining your beliefs in faith of others."

And then he said, "We all have a great need for acceptance. But you must trust your beliefs are unique, your own. Even others might think they are odd, or unpopular..." He then instructed all the students to stroll around, with their own style of pace. Let it fast, or slow, or silly, or whatever. It didn't really matter...

Robert Frost humbly proclaims,

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Get my point...? Dare to be different! And seize the day!

"Aku suka singkong, kau suka keju..."


p/s: Do watch the movie. Highly recommended!

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Anonymous 30/03/2008, 04:42  

i think that you still not being honest with yourself.... you tryin not to disclose yourself....as in no personal touch..... kamu tidak jujur dalam tulisan.... mcm berkonflik.... nth laaa..... why you bother to comment on other stuff tht has nothing to do with you!! sorry i find this blog too pretentious!! ....after all this is your blog.....ive no right to intrude!! am sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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